Mar. 3rd, 2003

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I just got off the phone with [ profile] prettymouth. The conversation was cut short due to picking up one's sister from a dance class. *L* I would really love to have a cup of tea with her someday, talking about the world, etc....we have a lot in common and understand each other 'til this day, and that always feel really nice. I enjoy being understood because I don't think many people get me. :/

Oh yeah, this weekend I ended up in some weird artist gallery in the Warehouse District. Everybody I heard around me was like "oh, this is sooooo wonderful!" and "sooo magical". really? I didn't think so. I know I said at one point that I didn't like it, even though the artist himself was there. Well, if I think it's not good, that's my opinion.

With art and galleries in general, it amuses me how people can schmooze about how great something is, when the truth is, it's crap! I think a lot of "art" out there is crap. Hell, I think half of my paintings are crap! It's just so boring to hear all these modern artists trying to explain themselves all the fucking time!

The truth is, I feel like there needs to be something completely original once again. In a way, music-wise this is parellel to the late 70's. We had cooperate rock like Bread, Kansas like today's Creed and Nickelback *vomit* so, yeah, crap crap crap..

Then in the 70's' we had the emergence of punk. The New York Dolls, the Ramones, the (brilliant) Sex Pistols, etc....and it started a revolution.

The difference is, today the best we have to the alternative to cooperate rock is the Strokes, the White Stripes, etc......but the problem is, it's not starting any revolution of any sort. It's recycling bits from the 70's and making it their own, but it's not good enough for me.

I love the Strokes' music, mind you and Nick Valensi and Ryan Gentles were nice guys when I met them, but.....I feel like there's a void in the music industry. a BIG void.

Hopefully I can contibute to filling that void for myself at least.

and with that, I'm going to go practice my guitar and write lyrics. bye. xxx

ps- go see the movie Frida. It's steller.


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