Nov. 4th, 2003

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Courtney Love drama

I'm not really surprised, but I still like her because in 1994, she's all I wanted to be and inspired me to be in my first "band" when I was 14. She either got sadder...or I grew up, or both.

I found a radio station (finally) that plays Guided by Voices B-sides, new Strokes material, John Cale, the VU and PM Dawn covers of Jimi Hendrix tunes!??! yeah! anyway, it's fab. No more pop shite when I'm too lazy to pick a CD or mix tape.

Last night I got into an arguement with a flatmate. He had a bad day at work and decided to take it out on me. I obviously didn't stand for his crap and stood up for myself. The night ended with him being nicer to me than he's ever been before. Chatting me up, talking about his 25th birthday, sex and wanting to go see movies with me.
I don't understand men at all.

I finally saw The Matrix for the first time. It's alright. I kept forcing myself not to find Keanu Reeves hot..*LOL* that's the sad truth. Robin told me that there's a University course all about Keanu, about how sucha bad actor got to be so famous. An entire University course on that!!!! that's so funny. *L*

I started Robin's painting. It's really, her, but I need to change the colour scheme. Right now it looks like it's from a playroom in the 1970's.

do this: )

Guided By Voices best of album out next week! Another x-mas gift idea for me....:)


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