Oct. 13th, 2003

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What it says in big letters on the Evening Herald. hehe. I have to show this to some of my friends from there (all my north american friends in europe are from between Portland-Vancouver). I really should go there next year, it's been awhile now.

I've been soooo lazy this weekend! I'm hating myself for it....I should be out here looking for better employment, etc....but I can't be arsed for some reason. I have all the job searching elements right here and Im' like "blah..ooh! Oprah's on!". *L* okay, not really. ;)

I think a big reason for the lazy feeling is that I had the flat all to myself this past weekend!!!! So I wanted to savour all that privacy.

One of the coolest things about my flat is that everynight is like the 4th of July. Not only does Dublin look like gold glitter during the night, everynight somebody somewhere in the city launches fireworks into the sky. On Friday night at about 2am, there were huge, bright fireworks in the sky for about 5minutes straight. I turned off the lights in my room, layed on my bed and watched them. beautiful.

The only things I'm caring about right now is art, music and Amnesty International. I'm going to the Amnesty offices again tomorrow (!!), by invitation of course. I phoned almost every art gallery in Dublin today, so I have to drop off photocopies of my artwork around the city and at least one gallery told me that they'd have an "art critic" to analyze if there's a "market" for my work. What? There's a market for anything. I think that "art critics" aren't that important because it's only one person's opinion, isn't it? I mean, an "art critic" in London told me he didn't like my art at all, so what?. Others did like it, unfortunately I didn't get into a gallery, but 90% of London artists never do and need to set up their own. (I didn't have the time/money to do that, obviously. *L*) During an interview some woman asked if I made a living off of my paintings...haahahhahahah! that's so funny!..I wish. It's nice pocket change once in awhile but I could never live off of it. That's only a dream right now.

Then, music. I crave to play the guitar all the time because I don't have one here, it's back in the USA, of course. ;p I use Heather's guitar. I'm so excited because Heather is lending me her brand new electric when she goes on holiday to Washington&California!!! I can already tell that I'm going to be addicted to it. I'm even going to attempt to write better songs than the little ditties I wrote last year and never shared. I miss my guitar back at my parent's house so much. :*( That was really stupid not to bring it with me. I still have a strong voice, I was singing Frank Sinatra while cleaning this weekend, still got it. ;)
last night I went out to Temple Bar for drinks with the two Italian guys that I live with. They had live Irish music and I got free Heineken! yay! it was cool.

Hopefully I'll stop being lazy now and get some work done!
Christina Fairy xxxxx
np- Special Needs, Placebo (my fav. placebo song...)

ps- I just saw the new Kylie video, "Slow". I love it...it's well, slow, but you can still dance to it and it's really sexy.


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