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2003-09-02 12:52 pm

cute 80's retro mobile phone; Sept. 2000-Sept. 2003

Simon LeBon of Duran Duran sings backing vocals on this song...hehe...last night Robin and I had a Duran Duran fest in our room! Duran Duran is her new obsession, and I'm not complaining. Rio through Ordinary World, going through my CD collection. I recommened "Rio" and "Greatest Hits" to her to start off. eeee...*happy*

Not so happy....last night my mobile died. Not died in I need to re-charge it, but dead as in dead....no more, kaputt, finished, RIP...so as of right now i have no phone number. :( I can sprut some life into it at times but there's no way I can have a conversation or text. Hopefully I can go to T-Mobile and figure out what to do...all my info is on my SIM card and I know that still works so I just need a new phone, right? but if I'm in another country do I need a different SIM card to Top-Off???? or do I can I do that over the phone with my credit card? questions...and frustration.

my mobile was one-of-a-kind...well, not really but it looked like it was made in 1987, if they made small mobiles phones in 1987. and it's purple! purple & black. argh. frustration.

Last night before the Duran Duran fest, Robin and I went to see a special advanced screening of Blackball. It's basically a British version of Happy Gilmore...it has Johnny Vegas and Vince Vaughen in it. not bad. i laughed. it was free so I'm not complaining ;) It reminded me of last year when Liz and I went up to the roof of Brit's Pub in Minneapolis where it's all grassy and they have lawn bowling tournaments and we got drunk and kept attempting to lawn bowl, but never made it..haha..I miss Liz. Right now she's teaching in south China, right north of Vietnam, and afterwards going to Napal and India..then visiting me whereever I am!! yayay!!! Liz, if you're reading this cuz I know you do...I hope you're doing well. xx

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