Jun. 22nd, 2003

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I discovered an only-famous-in-canada artist that I actually like! Matthew Good. The lyrics are political and the music is pretty. My friend Steve (my band's photographer..that sounds so pretenious but it's true. *L*) turned me onto it the other night. I turned him onto the Charlatans, Morrissey, the Smiths and Oasis b-sides that he never heard before. It was a very relaxing night, just listening to music and talking about it, etc....one of my favourite things to do.

Last night I watched the Japanese version of "The Ring". The American version came out last year but before that there was a Japanese version, from 1997. I've never seen the American version but apparently that's a lot more grusome. The Japanese version I saw wasn't scary at all, except for the part where the woman crawls out of the television. That freaked me out a bit, being alone in a dark room at 2am. I heard in the American version they go to a farm, in the Japanese version they go to a volcano. Anyway, the ending was crap but other than that, i liked it. *L*

I was feeling homesick for awhile, but then I went to newulm.com and I could feel culture shock just by looking at it, and I'm much better now. *L* I miss my friends back home. I feel like I haven't been paying enough attention to a few of them, I don't mean to do that, honestly. I also miss the CC Club in Minneapolis . Yea, of all places, the CC Club. *L* I don't care if it's a "shady" place, I love it.

Last night Slashing Beauty tried to record a demo. tried. It was no fault of our own, the studio didn't have enough leads for the mircophones to record the drums properly!! Some orchestra recording in the next room took them all! grr. So we got something but it's not the best recording, unfortunately. We're recording again this weekend. also, band practice tonight. horah.

I just saw Hole's "Violet" video from 1994. Now I remember why I worshipped Courtney Love and she inspired me to get into music myself. What happened to her?

ohmigod, Saved By the Bell is on!!!

'til next time. xxxx

EDIT: what the fuck? )


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