May. 27th, 2003

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hello. if any of you have emailed me in the past couple days, I don't know if I got it because my parents sent me Sidoni photos and it filled my inbox. so, now it's all sorted, so I can receive emails again :)

just got back from Dublin, literally in the door. Amethyst just messaged me that the studio and practice time is sorted. good. god, i'm knackered. *L*

while relaxing in Heather's flat yesterday I was reading R*E*P*E*A*T (biggest Manics-inspired 'zine, no adverts, 100-200 pages, quite lovely) and I saw my name, "Christina Fairy" WAS PRINTED IN IT! During the Sundowners interview!!

I was lying there and I exclaimed "OHMIGOD! MY NAME IS IN HERE!" and Heather's like "Of course darling!"

"Slashing Beauty" is also printed in it, so that's very, very good.

I also know all about how evil the Queen Mother and the Royal Family in general are. I mean, I knew some things before, but god..what I read was unreal.

Now I know I have some connections in Dublin (have to network! haha), so we need to practice more, make a demo, and get some press.

Oh yes, listening to the Sundowners demo, it was brilliant. I'm already a fan. :)

so, I'm off to bed....miss you Heather. *hugs + kisses* had a lovely time. goodnight. work tomorrow. blah.


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