Mar. 16th, 2003

pink keys

Mar. 16th, 2003 09:23 pm
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I have seemed to have red lipstick traces all over this keyboard! Well, that's what happens when you pinch your lower lips with your fingertips all the time.

Horah! [ profile] ladygaia is here! and even though she hasn't been here in 11 years, she knows her way around the city!!!! I'm proud of her. the London streets can be complicated. Anyway, she's probably at her hostel now, sleeping.

We went to Garlic & Shots and the Vampire Bar in tonight in Soho. I thought I couldn't
read half the menu until I realized it's translated into Swedish! We both don't have
any money so we shared a side dish of garlic mashed potatoes, so I'm sure I'm lovely to be around right now. If any guys harrass me on the street, I'll just breathe on them!

Nicky and I are also working on some music. Maybe soon we could be recording?? who knows?
It is quite easy to create songs though. At least for us. We're talented. ;)

I got to talk to [ profile] lolita_yaya the other night! We might go around Camden and eat cheap noodles, or something like that...

I thought I lost my weekly travel card and freaked out (it's £19.70!!!) but Terra found it!!!!! I was sooo grateful. thank fucking god.

Today I also went to Miss Selfridge and TopShop. If it wasn't so crowded, it'd be the cutest/coolest shop! but with crowds, it's not.

This week is job interview week. wish me luck!


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