Nov. 30th, 2003

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transcribed from an email I got from jen )


I'm still in London. Some of the events so far (in no particular order)

Squeezed myself into my new corset, saw All the Pretty Horses show and talked a bit to Emily, Eden and Venus (all v cool, you guys defintely made Jen a fan, she was just 'embarassed' that she wasn't dressed 'properly' for the place ;)), bought Dandy Warhols vinyl, fell in love lust with a guy who looked like a Nikki Sixx/Richey Edwards hybrid, got a billion photos taken of me, watched an artist create Bob Marley prints, had some eccentric guy dance with me and kiss the top of my head over and over (so weird *l*), wandered around soho at all hours of ze nite, went to camden, ate dodgy Chinese noodles, watched Strokes videos, watched Dick Tracy and LoTR: The Two Towers, sorted out my Natwest account, took photos of all the Christmas lights at Piccadilly and Oxford St., checked out upcoming gigs at The Borderline, and of course made fun of Jen for spending £140 last night to see Fleetwood Mac! without Christie McVie I may add....£140 to see 4/5 of Fleetwood Mac from the nosebleed section? insane. ;)

So I've been busy. yup.

Yesterday Jen told me something about me. It was the fact that if most people the world were like me, the world would explode because it'd have way too much energy. *nods* okay.

Now I'm talking about Bootsy Collins, George Clinton and G'n'R with Katherine, I'm off to Camden to help Jesse buy Christmas presents and tonight I'm going to a pub (Jen is making me sing 'Seven Nation Army' for karaoke..nooooooooo) and of course, drink wine here, preferably on the rooftop with other roofs of London all around us. perfect.

Now G'n'R's 'November Rain' is on TV!!!! <3333333 and now Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'!!! I love 'the classic hits' channel!


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