Oct. 22nd, 2003

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Last night it decided to start a downpour of freezing rain on my 40 min walk home from Amnesty!! I like to walk because it keeps me fit/I lose weight. I forgot my umbrella (of course) and going down Whitworth Road (10 min walk) felt like an enternity! By the time I got home my eyelashes had ice crystals on them and my black coat was almost white.

and it's STILL raining! This morning I looked out the window and saw lightening dancing all over the sky and it was freezing in my room. It took me ages to get up. Now I'm on my mid-day break at Amnesty, surrounding by a huge mess of papers, posters of free (insert political prisoners name here) posters on the walls, and stacks of legal reports declaring human rights violations that I still have to read.

I'm completely in my element. Amnesty Ireland's website is amnesty.ie fyi.

Robin is coming to visit in 3 days!!! horah!!! I can't wait. I thought of her the other night when I was watching "Fashion Rocks" on the telly and Duran Duran performed!! hahaah...wow, they're still hot. I also liked Bjork's makeup. She had rhinestones covering her entire face. I watched the entire thing just to see David Bowie's performance, which was at the end (Bowie is always the finale) and it wasn't even live! It was via satellite from..wherever. bollocks.

I was supposed go to a footie match that night but it was raining so I passed. I don't care for football and I'm currently being a big homebody anyway. I think after 6 months of never resting in London I've just crashed and am hibernating here. *L*

All the shops have their Christmas stuff up already!!! I'm tempted to get some dorky x-mas things from Claire's, but I restrain, it's not even Halloween yet! Well, I already am compling a Christmas wish list: really early I know, but Becky [livejournal.com profile] miss_lixx already got me my present! (thank you!) and I want so many things! Yet I need to conserve money and my luggage weight limit is at, the limit. no more *L* The list includes:

wish list:
- Money!!!!!!! (No tengo dinero aqui. I'll thank you on my first album's liner notes)
- Strokes "Room on Fire" album
- Kylie's "Body Language" album (although I'll probably buy that)
- Tristan's album (I'll probably buy that from him or one of his friends..it'd make a cool gift though! ;))
- a laptop (preferably an orange imac laptop)
- Adobe photoshop 6.0 (or any cool photoshop programme for a mac, if I get the laptop)
- The black zip through cardigan from Fred Perry. I'll also take the pink multi-coloured sweater and the pink polo shirt, with tie ;)

I doubt I'll get any of those (except the Strokes album) but whatever, I'm a dreamer ;)


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