Oct. 2nd, 2003

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Today I took the DART train to the small coastal town of Bray in Co. Wicklow. It was so lovely. It was "warm" (for Ireland) and I just went to the beach, relaxed and watched the waves crash onto the shore.

While I was on the train it was interesting seeing images (ie. multi-coloured homes on the shore) that I took photos of 3 years prior when I took a coach with Brenda and Sarah Witt down the coast when I was a tourist. I took millions of photos of the Bay because I never thought I'd end up in Ireland again and if I did, it'd be a very long time. haha...it's funny how life turns out sometimes, though I didn't see Bono's house this time, that's not included in the view from the DART. ;)

Another thing I thought of on the DART was that "Bray" sounded awfully familiar...and then I realised something. I had a childhood penpal from Bray! Her name was Jenny Cullen. We wrote each other all the time when we were aged 11-14 and I remember she would send me Take That stuff and I'd make her mix tapes of my favourite pop/rock songs (basically SWV, Smashing Pumpkins, 2 Unlimited and Nirvana at the time). We also exchanged photos so I would remotely know what she looks like now. Bray is so tiny as well! God, she lives/ed in a beautiful place.

If I find her address I'm going to send her a postcard from Dublin with my mobile number and invite her out for a drink! That'd be so amazing if I met her...for 3 years of my childhood/teenagehood I thought she was the coolest....and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual. I don't even know why we stopped posting letters to each other (yes, this was pre-internet! letters-only) I used to beg my parents to PLEASE let me go to Ireland to visit her and of course they'd always say "no, you're too young". Hopefully her or at least her parents still live at that address...but first I need to find her address which might be a task in itself.

There's a 90% chance I'm starting a job next week! yay! That's all I'll say for now because it's not confirmed yet.

I found my new favourite hangout. Amnesty International! You can sign petitions there, read about global issues and in the cafe all there food and drinks are made from fair trade goods. I had the honour of getting into the offices there while I was job searching. it didn't look that spectular aesethically-speaking, but I know what they do there and I was in complete awe of that.

I walked past Oscar Wilde's place today and according to the plaque on the house, he lived there until he was 23! He didn't leave his parents house until he was my age!!! This excited me a bit. I always assume that everybody great has done everything by the time they're my age for some reason. I think I'm going through a mild quarter-life crisis. ;/ Then again, I've been freaking about getting older since I turned 16. I'm not kidding. I can be quite silly, I know.

Heather informed me that as of this past July, Nike overtook Converse! eep! Since I boycott Nike and all there evil ways I have two options. a) conserve my Converses and treat them with TLC or b) move back to wearing Pumas. I think I'll go with the latter. My black converses are barely worth saving and my red ones are heading down the same path.

lastly, tonight on "Later....with Jools Holland" it was entirely dedicated to Johnny Cash's performances on there throughout the years. I sat there like an eager little kid. absolutely fantastic stuff.


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