Aug. 28th, 2003

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I've been listening to The Cures' "Disintegration" all day.."Pictures of You" is still my favourite. ♥

The photo is of the Strand off of Trafalgar Square right you can see it's raining. I'm so grateful I have my travelcard!! It's an hour walk home and I hate walking without an umbrella. I always forget it on days when I need it. go figure. I was trying to find some Soho photos from last night but the server's down. oh well..this photo has to do.

Last night Robin and I went to Soho because it was the first night in a long while she had off of work. As we walked down Tottenham Court Road it was so packed ! Even more than usual. The Rolling Stones were playing the Astoria last night so it was chaotic! As we turned our way into Soho Square a policewoman stopped us and said we couldn't enter, even though we weren't going to see the Rolling Stones....well, finally we made it into Soho, headed for The Vampire Bar (where else?) and Robin loved it! They were playing early Metallica or something that sounded similar. Robin and I sat drinking Stella and smoking fags admist an atmosphere of painted black walls, jack bottles holding burnt out white candles, old skool G'n'R posters and some mummy that looks like an old movie prop in the corner. The bartender looked like a roadie for Alice Cooper. I love that place.

We talked about her job, music, our futures...etc etc. She wants to take me to Portland, OR because I've never been (another holiday!) Apparently it's a very cool city. Then we'd travel up to Vancouver, BC, both visting friends/family along the way! Later on in the conversation, I tried to explain to her that I'm not into movies. She's like "What? that's saying you don't like water!" I do like a handful of films, obviously, but I don't think I'm into movies overall as much as most people are. Never have been. I grew up with music and books more than TV and movies. That's just the way it was.

Speaking of that, my mother is now on my hometown's council for the arts, and still on the human rights commission (you're personally chosen by the mayor for these). go mom!

Anyway..back to last night, Robin told me she feels like she's more of a music snob as she gets older (as do I) and tends to befriend people with the very similar same taste in music. Well, Bob Dylan once said that the reason why you look up to the people that you do is because you see traits in them similar to yourself. So, if that's the case, people with same music taste will probably be similar to you! makes sense. Robin's very cool. Even though we live together we honestly haven't had any time to really talk to each other. I work during the day, she works in the evening. So, last night was really fab. We have more in common than I thought.

Afterwards we walked around Old Compton Street, wanted to go into Ann Summers but it was closed. :( Walked to Piccadilly Circus, then to Leicester Square. I only walked there because I thought Robin said she wanted to walk around there...then she said she didn't and she thought I wanted to..*L*...well, we literally pushed our way back to Tottenham Court Road (Rolling Stones gig letting out...madness!) stopped at the grocer to get some chocolate (Apricot-flavoured Swiss chocolate is the best ever...) and we finally walked home.

That Rolling Stones show reminded me of something, I swear to god Mick Jagger walked right past me the other day on Tottenham Court Road. I thought 'there's no way..' but he looked exactly like him. How many people are out there that look like that!!?! Maybe it was him. cool.

Over in the States, my godchild Lily got the sunglasses I got her in Cardiff and her mom, my childhood best friend Tiffany, says she "looks like a little j.lo in them" (that's a good thing..Tiff loves j.lo)....Lily loves her gifts! yay! I even got a lovely e-card from Lily saying I'm the "coolest godmother ever". so sweet!!

I have to put some things in the post...Caitlin's [ profile] prettymouth's mom, Kathi, bought one of my paintings! So I have to ship that off soon. :)

I'm currently reading "Angela's Ashes" by Frank McCourt. Very good.
No, I haven't seen the film.

I always try to make these posts really short....they never work out that way. :p

ps-if anybody's willing to make me a new icon for my journal, let me know. I don't have photoshop anymore and I'm getting bored of the same ol' 3. thanks in advance.


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