Jul. 31st, 2003

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I've been in the weirdest mood the
past couple days. 80% of this is due to lack of sleep. I think. I just feel like time is slipping by and there's nothing I can do about it...which is both a good and bad thing. I can't describe my mood though. *sigh* it's odd. Nobody said that this was going to be easy. I know that everything balances out in the end. (Sarah "Peachez", if you're reading this, email me...where are you? I haven't talked to you for months!)

I wrote some really great/semi-polticial lyrics on the way back from Paris. It was actually every great line I could think of and scribbled them all down so I could arrange them in order and then find a chorus in it when I was more awake...and now I can't find it. :/ grr.

I always think I'm not as good of a writer I could be and there's always room for improvement. So, usually while I'm writing I just try really hard because I'm insecure about it...and half the time when I look back on it I'm semi-impressed with myself! So, yeah, need to find those lyrics....

Just so you all know, I can't check my NME mail at work, so in the past few days I've been either busy or so drained that I haven't had any time to really check it. I did read a couple and manage to clean my inbox out a bit so it's not completely full before Dave (yes he's back! again!) told me I really should go to bed. I agreed. I will get around to emailing sooner or later.

I thought my discman died a few days ago, it was horrible. Then miraclously this morning, it worked again!!!!! It actually works better than it did before! (ie, not skipping)...I hope it continues. *knock on wood* I really didn't want to pay £40+ for a new one.

I love the mix CD, Rob :) and I've discovered I really like the Pixies! I hate to admit this but Tuesday was the first day I ever heard them. sad, really.

I hung out with Becky for a bit last night. We just got her something to eat and really didn't do much because I think both of us were tired, stressed and skint. Heather texted me last night...I was busy being a dork eating junk food and listening to 80's music...(it was drowning out the car alarm outside) so sweet..I want to see this "Russian Official" coat you got. mwahah! You haven't see my black velvet and faux fur one! It's lovely. and Heather? do you have a phoneline I can phone you on that's not a mobile? I really want to talk to you w/o paying ££££ for it.

I just read on the front of a tabloid that Kylie Minogue got dumped. awww..poor girl. I'd hate to have that splashed about me on front of all the papers. evil press.

what else can I do to make you waste more of your time?

oh yeah! I found this: manic on the streets of london... )
that's just down the street from where I live :) ....just thought it was cool.

I always listen to the same artists/bands...I try to discover new bands and I have a little, but most of it is shite. Except for Slashing Beauty, Heather's band the Sundowners, the new BRMC single, and some Serafin, I'm really bored with the music scene. I'm not even excited about the new Strokes album in October. I think I was born in the wrong generation. I'm bored. bored. bored. bored.

Maybe there's not a lack of really great artists, it's just that I'm completely unaware of them or the music industry has just gotten more shallow. probably both.

but, remember: OUR FIRST GIG IS ON SATURDAY!! Scroll down for details...hope to see you there. xx

okay...and unless I think of more...I'm done. bye.


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