Jul. 22nd, 2003

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2 important dates coming up:

Monday, 28 July
My birthday party!

Frith Street (off of Soho Square)
from 8:00pm- whenever
(hopefully won't be too crowded...)

Saturday, 2 August
Slashing Beauty gig

(come! we're fab! and not bad looking either...)

in other news
Last night I had ice cream at McDonalds *mmm*, walked down Oxford St. and bought the new Super Furry Animals single, "Golden Retriever". It's the first SFA song I really like. I also now fancy Gruff Rhys a tiny bit. can't help it. :)

Apparently SFA throw celery at their shows!?? My roomie Robin was telling me about how her then-boyfriend got a piece of celery and contained it in a jar of water in his room until the celery was completely rotten. ew. haha. <3 I also got Robin to like the new Dandy Warhols album Welcome to the Monkey House last night! She never liked them before because they were "too mainstream and pretenious". c'est la vie.

Also, I talked to my parents last night!!!! Doesn't sound like something really great, but it was to me :D (my bandmates know this quite well). I was being so homesick and finally I just had to phone them. I haven't talked to them properly in over a month..

My dad called Wales, "Welshland" *cracks up laughing* and we shared news from both the US and the UK. I also heard about my Aunt Dotty (my really nice one from Seattle that drove me to Heather's that time) got locked in a bathroom in a resturant in Vienna last week!!!!! She only got out because she was banging on this window and when my uncle was leaving the resturant he heard it and had to check it out!! When she finally got out some Austrian people were laughing at her! poor Aunty! it is really funny! but still...

My parents were in really great moods and told me that this is my time where I have to do what I have to do with my life. I have decades to settle down, this is time to get everything out of my system, go after exactly what I want and have a brilliant time!!!

My dad then told me stories about when he was my age he got on his motorcycle and went to New Orleans, just because...(I forgot about that!)...and he also used to race cars up until I was born (he was 34 then). I have the rest of my life to make myself have a normal life....why do it now? that'd just be quite retarded.

anyway, it made me soooooo happy that my parents are behind my "work in progress" (I even explained the whole band thing to them, again) 100%!!! and they're really proud of what I'm doing!! They always told me I should be in music....that's why they put me in piano from age 6 (i studied piano for 12 years), and the children's choir, then made me be in band, sent me to my neighbour Erica's house to learn every instrument under the sun (except guitar) and then were really upset when I quit guitar at age 17 because I showed promise (it was medical reasons why I quit guitar, otherwise I'd be able to play quite nicely by now). I'm finally listening to them without realising it. For some reason I thought moving to another country to start a band would be rebellious to them after awhile? boy, I'm a big dork.

Now off to Sainsbury's to get some batteries, a samosa and some other crap for lunch.

okay, I doubt most people reading this really care that much. I know being 22 years old and having your parents be like best friends is maybe nerdy...but I'm going to post on my livejournal what makes me happy, dammit.


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