Jun. 3rd, 2003

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How compatible with me are YOU?

I just got the new NME! *bounces* I usually never buy it, but this has free Smiths stuff with it! I haven't had the time to look at it but that's what I'm going to do tonight. yesyes.

Just got back from a "band meeting" at Bar Soho. We have so much to do, I have to ask so many people so many things....but we have ideas for every aspect of promotion that we need, so that's good. I also went to see Jen's film production company (the one she works for), and it looks extremely fab, too bad I don't have a clue about film production.

Sebastian and I are going to see Adam Green next week, maybe. Sebastian's excited because he wants to freak him out in some way *L* I'm only excited because of the accompying "full-string quartet." I'm sad, me. ;)

My birthday is a little under 2 months away (28th July) my bandmates are already planning on having a party for me at Garlic & Shots in Soho. You're all invited, if you can make it. :)

oh yes, glad you had fun in NYC, Cath. :)
my ear is still plugged. I think I should go to the doctor. :/


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