Feb. 1st, 2003

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Well, last night I finally went the infamous resturant, 'Rock Star', that I've been hearing about since June and how it's basically the coolest resturant ever and blah blah blah....

Well, first of all, it's in one of the many huge office buildings, so it was a bitch getting in at first....then some lady said we had to go through a skyway on the 2nd level from the IDS tower to get in there....(huh?)

So we ended up trying to cut across this buidling and went into the "Lovely" Hotel Exodus...I've never really been in a truly shady urban hotel until then...after a pitbull was sniffing my leg and I was offered to sell my body in Room #401, I bolted out the door.

To anybody who knows downtown Mpls. quite well this might be amusing because you'd know that to get into the damn place you have to go through the street entrance on 3rd Ave! (duh) so we finally did after our Hotel Exodus episode and finally got into Rock Star...

Well, it's small. Damn, it's small. I was expecting better art on the walls as well. The art on the walls look like they were done by that angry butch woman that paints angry penises(there were no angry penises on the wall...it was just done in her style)

I found one of my new fav. drinks! it's called
'Starlet'. :) It's almost entirely champagne and it has a tiny bit of chambord.

For dinner I had the mushroom risotto for only $11 (cheaper than the Olive Garden) and the waiter was constantly flirtatious and gave us extremely good service! Our water glasses were always full and the decor (besides the boring-as-fuck paintings) was really nice.

Afterwards in the bathroom, the bathroom is really nice. It's like a "studio"...really cute. The funny thing was, they had polaroids of people underneath the glass on the vanity and Megan (tribeca boss) was in one of the photos....so was "Hello I'm a model!" Tara...and we all know I just loved working with her. :p

If I didn't hear any hype about Rock Star I'd give it a "B", but considering the hype ruined it, I give it a "C".

mail call

Feb. 1st, 2003 02:54 pm
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my parents told me that I got mail from Egypt, Cali (cheers Joolie!), and the Phillipines!

Egypt!?!?!? Mai!?!


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