Jan. 22nd, 2003

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I just applied for three diffents jobs at Oxfam. One I was amused at considering it's located in Hammersmith, the neighbourhood I once lived in. I miss the smell of the Albion pub and all the locals that welcomed you when you walked in. I miss walking down the rain-soaked streets of Kensington High St. at 3 am, looking at all the dark/closed bookshops and wondering if that really was Danny Goffey that walked past me or was I just in some sort of daze.

To go back to the neon wilderness that is the city of London will be a great experience no
matter what just because I cannot think of another place on this earth where I feel like it's truly my "home", except for NYC, which I still have to explore. I'm sure of all places here in the U.S., that'd most likely be my home.

I cannot imagine not living in a city. As Virgina Woolf
said she did not feel comfortable for the simple life
of subburbia, but rather craved a life of danger
and excitment in the capitol.

Right now I'm sitting in a cozy apt, looking at my fairy lights around my window and even though my windows are closed, I can feel the draft of the cold seeping in. Not good. But when it's
-18 degrees, you can't escape the cold, really.

Bicottes are lovely, Dusty Springfield is even lovelier and I <3 Caitlin :)

now if only somebody cool in London would give me a job. :/

I even got desperate and looked at modeling agencies such
as Elite and Boss (to work in the offices, not to be a
model) and...nothing!! nothing! Nothing big flashing icons of models and stupid suave elevator music!
grr...whatever. That's okay, they're evil anyway ;)

And with that, here's a quiz:

My personality is rated 38.
What is yours?


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