Jan. 2nd, 2003

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I'm listening to my song, "She talkes To Angels" by the Black Crowes

This song is so me it's not even funny...It's kinda scary actually....I can't think of a song that fits me and my personality more perfectly..

more perfectly..*LOL*...yes, I can speak english, really.

Last night I finally saw the Two Towers so I could see what everyone was talking about...it was okay..I was in a really crappy mood yesterday (besides the last hour talking to Caitlin, ta!) so it would've been better if I wasn't just like "blah...whatever" *L*

Thanks to Terra posting about her not looking like Gollum, I couldn't stop laughing in the beginning of the movie. Poor Terra!!! Terra, you do NOT look like him...not at all..but I got the giggles really badly. I had to bite my lip *L*

I still don't think that Legolas is cute, people....you're all crazy..but I love you all anyway. ;)

I was busy shallow perving on Frodo! FRODO!!!!

and guess what? Becky likes Frodo too!!! I found somebody else besides myself and Heather!! YAYAYAY!!!

and yes, I'm in a MUCH better mood today. I'm going out again tonight.

I think we're going to see Chicago!!!! I've always wanted to see the Broadway performance..well now I'll see the movie!

I also want to see About Schmidt. It looks hilarious.

Yes, ChristinaFairy wants to watch movies for once in her life....wow. Usually I get bored and just sit there and think about everything going on in my life.


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