Jan. 1st, 2003

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I do. Last night was just a fucking meat market....besides the Moulin Rouge show, which lasted for less than an hour....I couldn't stand it.

Besides going to see Interpol on the 14th I don't want to go back there...unless I'm famous and playing a gig there myself *L* Amethyst and I already said that we WILL play First Ave. someday, so I have to keep my word on that. *L*

It's good for gigs, yes, but clubbing, no!

The one time I go out for New Year's Eve in my life and it's downright horrible.

So, I've just come to the conclusion that I hate clubbing. Well, not clubbing itself...

At the Candybox at Knight 54 in London I'm in heaven when I go there..

I also dont' mind Ground Zero here in Mpls or the Saloon the one time I went there...

It's just that meat market techno party crap that I cannot stand. The people at First Ave are just nasty..


I'm going to make a mix CD for Becky and I have one for Terra, I just need to give it to her :)

Terra's going to burn me her Underworld CD with "Cowgirl" on it!! rock!

I wish this headache would go away and no, I don't have a hangover.....it's just a plain ol' headache.


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