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Even though sometimes I hate this city, it's always like a former lover, when their absence makes you want to come back for more. I'm back in lust/love with this place.

You wouldn't fucking believe it. Tonight I'm sleeping in the same fucking bed as I did almost a year ago when I first moved to London!!! that's really....weird.

I spent the entire night with Jen, getting pissed up in a pub in Soho, running around acting like 15 year old kids talking about boys from NY and Inverness, Scotland, spending way too much time in Virgin Megastore and eating chippy shop chips wrapped in newspaper around the West End looking at Oxford St.'s Christmas lights. just absolutely beautiful. *sigh*

I talked to my mother briefly today at the airport. She told me 'Your dad and I are going to the Country Club for a turkey dinner.'. I asked 'Why!?!?!' my mother: 'because it's Thanksgiving!' oh, it is. I forgot.

...and I'm finally listening to 'Room on Fire'!! I love it.

The first time I heard 'Is This It?' I admit I wanted to hated it, with all the hype and 'trendiness', it took months of denial to finally get into it.

With 'Room on Fire', it's love at first sight listen.

I was listening to it on the train to Victoria station with this silly grin on my face the entire time. hehe.

Thanks Heather for lending me this album for the weekend! MWAH!
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I'm in love with Placebo's "Special Needs" now more than ever...especially at 2am looking over a silent, glittering city. Fuck the NME review, it's utterly brilliant.

Yesterday I had the chance to go to the Mexican Embassay to meet with the ambassor to discuss women's rights in Mexico. I didn't end up going because I had to write/work on articles, apparently the ambassdor who met with AI people just put on the concerned politican act of 'We are really concerned..blah blah blah." whatever. I wish people that had power to do something about human rights actually would..

Tonight is celebrating Heather [ profile] eire2000's birthday, a little early ;) After our anti-materialist conversations, I still got her a gift. ;) I also made her something, hope she likes it.

a survey with photos instead of text. Something to do when you have an hour to kill ;) )
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I really don't want to work at Zara anymore. It's not a bad job, but after working there for only 3 weeks, I already feel like I should diet, and I've already lost weight in the past few weeks. not good. I like my body, and I don't feel like being 5'9" and malnourished, thanks.

I told some co-workers at Amnesty about it and they found it hilarious! It is. I was laughing too. Seriously, I feel like Godzilla going clionk clionk clionk! through the store, and I'm not that big. trust me. The other girls come up to my shoulder, have the bodies of 12 year old boys and are as shallow as a teaspoon and bitch constantly. I think they're bitchiness comes from the fact that they're very, very hungry. I'm going to eat some chocolate digestives in front of them next time. heh. I could break them it two with my sharp, scanadavian hips. mwah!

This morning I keep my sanity by looking forward to London!!! Jen & London & Ben & The Borderline & ATPH show...a winning combination!

This weekend I wrote 3 songs (yay for me), finished Robin's painting (it's unlike any other painting I've done <3), and read 200+ pages,all while listening to American pirate radio from 1984. It's weird being in your own little world, painting away, when an American accent booms out "The Ghostbusters theme is #1 on the charts this week!", followed by it's 'current' box office ratings and of course, the Ghostbuster's theme. hahaah. It felt like I was living in 1984, as long as I didn't leave my bedroom. This could be the reason why Robin's painting now looks it grew up in the '80s ;)

Oh yeah, I try to avoid watching TV, but I stayed up until 4am watching what is, in my little world, the best night of TV I've ever witnessed. At midnight there was BRMC live in Edinburgh (<3 Nick Jago), then a brand new Iggy Pop interview (!), followed by a brand new Morrissey interview (!!), followed by a brand new documentary on the Strokes, complete with interviews and studio footage(!!!). Okay, now I really hope I get "Room on Fire" for x-mas.

Manuela (my flatmate that's really cool. I have two flatmates.), always sings this song to me in Italian. Apparently it translates to 'Christina is cute!'. Since my other flatmate (who's also Italian) doesn't laugh at it, I assume she's telling the truth, so I like that song ;)

She also taught me how to say "Bush can kiss my ass!" in Italian! As we were watching Bush speak to the people of Britian with Tony Blair a few nights ago. According to Manuela, I speak it with a perfect good Italian accent. good to know ;)

I've been reading Debbie Harry & Chrissie Hynde interviews lately because they're inspiring.

and, listen to/download/whatever Chicks on Speed's "We Don't play Guitars". It's cool, it makes me laugh. <333


*finally goes to read her friend's list and goes into shock*

Jonathan Brandis died. holy fuck.
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Heather and I had a great conversation talking about livejournal and narcissism....actually it included more laughing than talking..I told her I was going to post the conversation, I would transcribe it here if 1) I remembered it word for word, but I don't.2) If it would be as funny in text as it was in conversation. Probably not considering you can't really type in certain tones of voices. ;)

I finally applied for my Irish SS number! This will bring the total to three: American, British and Irish. v cool. I'm in a pretty good mood: Ruby Wax was on v Graham Norton (hehe), Jen managed to get on the same flight as me from London-Dublin (yay!), I just got a magazine with Blondie & Kylie on it for free and in the break room the Belgium sector of AI left us the most delicious biscuits/cookies ever. They taste exactly like the Norwegian biscuits/cookies that my mom used to make for me all the time. <33333 soo good. It's the little things in life that excite me. :)

I've been phoning up magazines on behalf of me and Amnesty International, seeing if they want any articles about mental health, eating disorders, etc etc, written by yours far the women's magazines have been the bitchiest (one lady told me "we don't deal with serious issues! We're only interested in celebrities and beauty!" okay.) The nicest have been the Gay lifestyle magazines, who seem very interested to include articles other than "How to live like Posh&Becks in a week!" and "How to get lips like Kylie!" and....blah blah blah...

I hope I get to be a contributor in an Irish magazine. That'd be really cool. I'd defintely buy it ;) I'd love to go home for Christmas to my midwestern conversative extended family, pop open a gay magazine and say "Look what I wrote!" and watch the reactions. hehe..

Just for general consumption and because I <3 making's my current playlist:
The Gentle Waves- The Perfect Crime
Guided by Voices- Skin Parade
Super Furry Animals- Golden Retriever
David Bowie- The Prettiest Star
The Vines- Autumn Shade
Eurhytmics- Sweet Dreams
Prince- Little Red Corvette
Frank Sinatra- I've Got You Under My Skin (live)
Nina Simone- Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
The Dandy Warhols- White Gold
Guided By Voices- Christmas Animation Torch Carriers
Covenant- Dead Stars (version)
Supergrass- Seen the Light
Lauryn Hill- To Zion
Blondie- Atomic

that's all. bye. xx
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Saturday afternoon was kinda of like an episode of Sex & the City, one of the episodes where something happens to one of them and they freak out. My experience would have to do with male body hair. I'm leaving it at that. I'm tempted to leave a waxing kit in front of somebody's door.

We all have shallow parts to ourselves, that above paragraph was mine. ;)

Saturday night left me in a situation that was really scary. I was convinced by the end of the night I would be harmed by this really frightening guy who kept following me and would not leave me alone. Well, I was smart, quick-witted and I ran away from him unharmed. I came home to eat about 6 million calories of junkfood. I know it was all due to stress and it was emotional eating, but one night out the year is not going to make me gain weight. This is not related to the body hair paragraph. I was extremely freaked out until I got home safely. Just when I begin to be friendly to people, there's always some nutcase that proves that there's seriously psycho people that are out there to hurt you.

So, I know all you girls are smarter than this, but I'm reminding you to never tell a guy you just met (and don't trust) where you live and never tell them you live alone, even if you do. I didn't share any information about myself and I'm really glad I didn't, otherwise the night may have been a lot worse.

Sunday was better. Zara department store is this chain that's all over mainland Europe and apparently they've been hyping it up for months here in Ireland about how glamourous and "inexpensive" it is.

Well, I have a part-time job at Zara....and it's not that different from any other department store! It's basically a 2 floor version of the 13 floor Marshall Field's in Minneapolis. woo. hoo.

Sure, they play Mark Owen & old skool Take That tunes (when I go home I listen to classical music to de-numb my brain *L*), there's huge photos of Kate Moss everywhere and there's Kylie 'Fever' tour DVD on constant play on the TV screens, but it's just a store. A chain store at that. The grand opening was last week and there's queues that actually wrapped around the store, just to buy something!!!!!!!!!!!!! insane people. I'd just walk out and go somewhere less-crowed. Besides, the prices at Zara in Dublin are 45% more expensive than the ones in Spain. At christmastime people go mad with shopping, don't they? jesus.

In more news, Sebastian is helping me with my NYC search! Even though he's from there, he's never had to do a real 'ny search' so it's new to him as well. He's convinced that after london I'll do great in New York. yay. :) Hé, Seb le voyageur. si vous lisez ceci. Voyez-vous cet été !

I don't speak french, I just babblefish-ed it. Which means it's probably incorrect ;)

I'm (most likely) going to see Sarah in London in a month or so! That's so amazing, there are no words, really. Especially since England is our 'element'. ;)

Apparently, the UK&Ireland will be a frozen wasteland in 100 years, due to global warming. Well, all I can say least it's not in my lifetime. ;p

and tomorrow, I shall be starting to write up my own articles and reports for Amnesty!!! Ich fühle intelligent. (non babblefished-I can speak German)

That's all from my 'eventful' life. after work I'm having a drink with Heather. i need it. ciao.
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Thankyou I'll be jetting off to London in a little while to see All the Pretty Horses do their thing in the middle of Soho. See you soon Emily [ profile] bohemianrapsody...... xxxxx

I didn't need much convincing ;)

Today, I found two paychecks in my post instead of one. oops. Well, I'm cashing them in. It's their accounting departments' fault, not mine ;) what a good day.
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why am I updating livejournal? I have 2,304,492 things on my to-do list. I'm moody today. It's mostly due to hunger and the weather. blah.

On the up-side: called home and I think I'm getting the new Strokes album and some old David Bowie albums for x-mas! I'm not sure though. They like to tease me.

boldthe strong points
strike out one that don't apply to you
leave plain the ones you are

Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Likes to be quiet. Homely person. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Prone to having stomach and dieting problems. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.

I was supposed to be born on 23 August but I guess 28 July just fits me more.

the months )

ps- *many many hugs* to Robin. <333333 and also to Dianne & Casey Lynn and of course Sarah. i just emailed you, if you're computer is okay enough to read this. <3

pps- does anybody have any remedies or anything to make somebody stop snoring really loudly? It's not me, it's somebody I live with. I'm a very light sleeper and it's getting to me.
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Last night was spent playing around with Oasis & Strokes tunes, and writing my own music. I think I "discovered" a new chord that sounds brilliant!?!? Maybe it's one of the 1,204,506 chords I don't know yet, or maybe I have learned it and I'm being absent-minded, but it sounds v. cool. Even on a electric guitar that wasn't plugged in....

Spike [ profile] spikenheimer's post made me realise that I miss playing music and jamming with people. It's only been 2 1/2 months since I've been in my last band, but it feels like lightyears. I remember my last few weeks in London, Stephen (ex-Peaches & Slashing Beauty photographer) would jam with me and he would always say that we'd be the "next White Stripes. Nobody would know what our relationship would be, it'd be great..etc" but considering he just moved to Australia (!!!) I don't see that happening. Considering Heather [ profile] eire2000 is on holiday in the States I miss that company. I would like to find people to jam with/help me learn more guitar/write music with soon. I adore being on my own and it's really nice, but I would like some people to share it with from time to time.

Last night I also dug out some Blur. It was weird. I knew every word to every song even though I haven't listened to them properly in at least a year or two. I'm re-living my Britpop phase momentarily. I also watched bits of The 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards but I missed both Kylie and The Darkness! which is all I wanted to see. Instead I got Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Pink, dressed in a sparkly devil outfit. :p

I can't wait to go back to London. Go to Covent Garden (Fred Perry!), eat vegan Thai food, pick up some CDs at HMV/Virgin sale, perhaps go to the Borderline and rock out with pretty boys/girls and crash in Ben's flat. This of course will all be enhanced 10x if Jen decides to be there at the time, even though I'll see her way before that.

And now for a moment of vain-ness: I like my reflection in the computer screen right now! The sunlight is shining in and making cool shadows on my face. You can't see my eyes but just my lips, nose, and hair. I wish I had webcam access right now. Trust me, it looks cool.

Still working on Robin's painting! It still looks way too 1970's. *L*

"To Be Someone" is currently my favourite song....originally done by The Jam, although Noel Gallagher's version is just as pretty. <333 Fin.
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I just joined: [ profile] babies_on_fire , much needed glam rock community.
and added:
[ profile] maatarubi
[ profile] random_blahness
[ profile] linalinalina
who seem like cool people...:)

Once again, from the photo achieves of Ms. Fairy's 1 million dead websites:

That's Becky [ profile] miss_lixx, Terra [ profile] ladygaia, and me!!! 3 years ago in Madison, WI.
that's gum on my tongue.

I own 2 David Bowie shirts but I don't wear either of them. that should be a crime, really. I saw a photo of Iman in Vogue wearing one of the same that i own. She looks so much better in it!

I also found some photos of me being a Travis groupie which I sent only to Robin...and I almost posted the infamous me with Noel Gallagher photo, but I'm too shy about it..

Speaking of Noel, I have re-discovered my Oasis records. Once again, I realise why i was so super-obsessed with them from 1994-1998...5-9 years ago! Okay, now I feel old, but this music still speaks to a lowly teenager going through a rough time.

"Going Nowhere" is still a classic. It's so British sounding. It's got that Royal-Albert-Hall feel to it. I always think of that place and Kensington when I listen to it. It's brilliant.

I should stop updating this journal so damn much whenever I have a break.

Life is busy, hope all of you are okay (or better). While reading my friends' posts I know a few of you are going through hard times. keep in there. xxxxxx later.

ps- does anybody know where I can find the guitar tabs for Cat Power's version of "Wonderwall"?
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Courtney Love drama

I'm not really surprised, but I still like her because in 1994, she's all I wanted to be and inspired me to be in my first "band" when I was 14. She either got sadder...or I grew up, or both.

I found a radio station (finally) that plays Guided by Voices B-sides, new Strokes material, John Cale, the VU and PM Dawn covers of Jimi Hendrix tunes!??! yeah! anyway, it's fab. No more pop shite when I'm too lazy to pick a CD or mix tape.

Last night I got into an arguement with a flatmate. He had a bad day at work and decided to take it out on me. I obviously didn't stand for his crap and stood up for myself. The night ended with him being nicer to me than he's ever been before. Chatting me up, talking about his 25th birthday, sex and wanting to go see movies with me.
I don't understand men at all.

I finally saw The Matrix for the first time. It's alright. I kept forcing myself not to find Keanu Reeves hot..*LOL* that's the sad truth. Robin told me that there's a University course all about Keanu, about how sucha bad actor got to be so famous. An entire University course on that!!!! that's so funny. *L*

I started Robin's painting. It's really, her, but I need to change the colour scheme. Right now it looks like it's from a playroom in the 1970's.

do this: )

Guided By Voices best of album out next week! Another x-mas gift idea for me....:)
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I've noticed recently on how much I've changed since I've last been on US soil. Little things that used to bug me (and even make me cry) when I was back in Minnesota I don't even flinch at anymore. Gone are the days of panic over the future and stressing myself out over stupid people, it's now been replaced with this calm, "I'm going to get there if anybody likes it or not" attitude. Of course I'll have my moments, I'm not super-human, I have emotions, but I'm definately calmer and self-confidient.

I admit I've become colder, harder, bitchier to the world in general. A year ago if somebody would've harassed me it would've gotten to me, now I just yell back and defend my ground and I don't even think twice about it. This has happened more than a few times and it became like a routine. I'm not saying I was a wimp before or anything, but I was defintely more sensitive. Living in London's West End defintely de-sensitied me a bit. Living among 11 million people would have to do that.

With saying that, within those 11 million people, I've met SOOOO many cool, cool, coool people!! From all parts of the world (okay, mostly the UK and the Commonwealth) but I became more social. I always thought I was this anti-social persona, no! I'm really not! Being around lots of people (good and bad) made me come out of my shell and once in awhile, stand up for myself. Now I have even more friends around the world that I can stay with! heh.

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You didn't have to read that if you didn't want to, obviously, but this morning Robin phoned me from Gatwick, right before her flight to Minneapolis (connecting to Seattle) and the conversation made me realise all of this. I'm truly truly lucky.

It will be such a shock when I go home for Christmas. "home" being where I grew up, but I do not fit in there. Can "home" be where you're the odd, weird one in the community because she's not like anybody else? (I'm not talking about MSP) My plan is to be "home" for a short of time as possible (please don't jinx that) and I don't even know what is home for me. London also feels like home, and whether I love it or hate it, always will be home.

For some reason, I will expect Minnesota to be exactly the same as it was a year ago. Like, nothing happened without me there. Sounds vain, but true. It's similar to when you were in elementary school, and miss a couple days because you're sick, and then there's that little shock when you realise that people live out their lives and the world does go on while you're stuck in bed? yeah like that.....and of course, I will go through culture shock and everything else expected.

So, I'll see some of you MN people at Christmas, if the Airline didn't completely screw up my flight change..otherwise I'll have Christmas at the BUNAC hostel in London. *LOL*

To be honest, I don't want to come home. I'm not going to be dancing in the terminal, necessarily. The only thing I'm excited about is seeing Terra [ profile] ladygaia and Becky [ profile] miss_lixx. I would stay here in Europe if I had one of those nice Commonwealth visas or a EU passport (which according to a friend I'm elgible for but that's a different story for another time) but I don't, so after the year is over, I have no choice. Trust me, my employment even appealled to have my UK work permit extended and the government said "NO". I tried. London is still my ideal place, and always will be...but, yeah, Christmas! Thankfully my favourite holiday so I'll be in good spirits! I'll come back with too much stuff but that's the point. ;)

I am looking forward to a snowy holiday (it better snow!), christmas lights and making Norweigian candy and food...etc, and maybe stay with [ profile] ladygaia and [ profile] miss_lixx for New Year's? yay. xxxxx
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Wow, I don't go online for a few days and I get tons of emails!! I feel loved. <3

Guinness is alright, it would be better if I wasn't put on a different shift than Martin (Damon Albarn look-a-like boy) and my feet didn't get torn up, but I made a friend, Lindsay from Edinburgh, Scotland. She moved to Dublin the same time I did and I admit, half the time I can't understand her because of her accent, but we get along, she's cool.

Robin and I found each other!!! YAY! So, no worries. Honestly, I've been having a blast with her. So far we've been both the 'typical americans' and 'eurotrash wannabes', eating at Eddie Rocket's diner and watching Conan O'Brien on CNBC Europe, and shopping at vintage chic shops (if I were a boy I'd would've bought a shitload of 70's suits and mod gear yesterday,the girl's 70's clothes just don't age as well...)

We went to the Bad Ass Cafe for lunch (Sinead O'Connor used to work there), watched the Dublin marathon, I showed her Oscar Widle's old home (there's a business called "Morrissey's" right behind it. I find it hilarious. Even in the architecture world Morrissey kisses Wilde's butt). We went to the National Gallery (I bought a small print by Jack B. Yeats, brother of W.B. Yeats) and looked at interior design books while dreaming about what we want our next places to look like, and then made homemade Italian food for dinner. We created this lasagne sauce cheesy pasta thing...I don't know if Robin liked it but I did :) Then of course, off to the pub and saw some live Irish music!

All while we discovered we have the same guilty pleasures...Jack Black, the Sugababes, shopping at Claire's, & the obvious one.. Duran Duran. We have been giggling like 12 year olds most of the time, but what else do you expect? ;)

It's morning at Amnesty right now but we're meeting for lunch in the cafe downstairs and then going out again! yay! I can't believe she's leaving tomorrow and moving to Seattle on Monday!'s cool because she'll be in her Capitol Hill scene again but still. I'll miss her.

By the way, this week's issue of the NME is hilarious. I just find their attempt to put anything Strokes on the cover or inside sad! They had a Duran Duran article and EVERY LINE they were compared to the Strokes! I like both bands but jesus christ...! Simon LeBon is NOT "the 80's Julian". please. Before you know it, Courtney Love will be the "90's female Julian" and Britney will be "pop princess Julian". *LOL* I had to lol there..;)
One more thing, I know that many people have been sued for downloading music off the interent in the States. Here in Europe everybody is still downloading like normal because nobody's been sued far.
So, are any of you in the States still downloading?? I'm very curious.
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just thought I'd share ;)
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Last night it decided to start a downpour of freezing rain on my 40 min walk home from Amnesty!! I like to walk because it keeps me fit/I lose weight. I forgot my umbrella (of course) and going down Whitworth Road (10 min walk) felt like an enternity! By the time I got home my eyelashes had ice crystals on them and my black coat was almost white.

and it's STILL raining! This morning I looked out the window and saw lightening dancing all over the sky and it was freezing in my room. It took me ages to get up. Now I'm on my mid-day break at Amnesty, surrounding by a huge mess of papers, posters of free (insert political prisoners name here) posters on the walls, and stacks of legal reports declaring human rights violations that I still have to read.

I'm completely in my element. Amnesty Ireland's website is fyi.

Robin is coming to visit in 3 days!!! horah!!! I can't wait. I thought of her the other night when I was watching "Fashion Rocks" on the telly and Duran Duran performed!!, they're still hot. I also liked Bjork's makeup. She had rhinestones covering her entire face. I watched the entire thing just to see David Bowie's performance, which was at the end (Bowie is always the finale) and it wasn't even live! It was via satellite from..wherever. bollocks.

I was supposed go to a footie match that night but it was raining so I passed. I don't care for football and I'm currently being a big homebody anyway. I think after 6 months of never resting in London I've just crashed and am hibernating here. *L*

All the shops have their Christmas stuff up already!!! I'm tempted to get some dorky x-mas things from Claire's, but I restrain, it's not even Halloween yet! Well, I already am compling a Christmas wish list: really early I know, but Becky [ profile] miss_lixx already got me my present! (thank you!) and I want so many things! Yet I need to conserve money and my luggage weight limit is at, the limit. no more *L* The list includes:

wish list:
- Money!!!!!!! (No tengo dinero aqui. I'll thank you on my first album's liner notes)
- Strokes "Room on Fire" album
- Kylie's "Body Language" album (although I'll probably buy that)
- Tristan's album (I'll probably buy that from him or one of his'd make a cool gift though! ;))
- a laptop (preferably an orange imac laptop)
- Adobe photoshop 6.0 (or any cool photoshop programme for a mac, if I get the laptop)
- The black zip through cardigan from Fred Perry. I'll also take the pink multi-coloured sweater and the pink polo shirt, with tie ;)

I doubt I'll get any of those (except the Strokes album) but whatever, I'm a dreamer ;)
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Saturday was an awful day for me. I've been here for a month and for a few reasons, I just was all moody and crying, I look back on it it was probably part hormones because well, it was that time of the month and such.....and it is frustrating when your friends are n/a for all different reasons and you're still adapting to a new culture and scared about certain things.

Finally around 3am, Jen helped so much. I love that girl. Considering she lived with me for a long time in London I feel like she knows me more than 99% of the people I know. She always knows exactly what to say to make me go from gloomy/depressed to content/alright in a minute flat.

Okay! Amnesty time!

Today was my first day (insert really cool vibes here) I have to say that I never had a desk where an MTV "Free Your Mind" Award was part of the decor!!! They won it at the MTV Europe Music Awards in London in 1994, according to the plaque. What's even cooler, I remember watching that when I was 14!!!!! On Thanksgiving Day..hibernating/ignoring the family, as all teenagers do. the Prodigy, Oasis, Take That (shut up!) and Jean-Paul Gaultier were all on. I knew then I wanted to work for an organisation like that, and here I am working right next to that very award.....really weird/cool!

Tomorrow I have to watch some video made by Yoko Ono called the "Imagine video" and I still get all the benefits as a full-time full-paid staff member! One of my bosses, Sara, is sooo nice! She's American! She's from Boston, did the BUNAC programme in the UK like I did, went to Trinity College for her Master's degree and fell in love, got married and is still here! Today she encouraged me to do my master's in Europe, when I'm ready. It's half the price as it would be going to grad school in the States and you can get a work permit so it all works out.


WHOA! I just got a phone call...I got an evening/weekend job at Guinness Brewery!! YAY!!!!!! and Queen's "I want to break free" just came on the radio! Now I definitely feel better :D!!!!!!!
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I have 3 dreams in life:
01. be a famous musician/singer
02. be a famous artist
03. work for amnesty international..

well, #3 just came true! I GOT AN INTERNSHIP WITH AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get to do research on human rights in Ireland and all over the world and help the director do campaigning for human rights issues with 40 local communities all over Ireland!!!!!

now I just need to find another job to pay rent. hm.

Last night Heather also lended me her guitar already so I can play whenever I want now!!!! I can now play Oasis' "Shakermaker" and George Harrisons' "Something" intros!!!

!!!!!!!!! oh yeah, the Strokes' video for "12:51" is really simple, but cool. I like it. :)
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What it says in big letters on the Evening Herald. hehe. I have to show this to some of my friends from there (all my north american friends in europe are from between Portland-Vancouver). I really should go there next year, it's been awhile now.

I've been soooo lazy this weekend! I'm hating myself for it....I should be out here looking for better employment, etc....but I can't be arsed for some reason. I have all the job searching elements right here and Im' like "blah..ooh! Oprah's on!". *L* okay, not really. ;)

I think a big reason for the lazy feeling is that I had the flat all to myself this past weekend!!!! So I wanted to savour all that privacy.

One of the coolest things about my flat is that everynight is like the 4th of July. Not only does Dublin look like gold glitter during the night, everynight somebody somewhere in the city launches fireworks into the sky. On Friday night at about 2am, there were huge, bright fireworks in the sky for about 5minutes straight. I turned off the lights in my room, layed on my bed and watched them. beautiful.

The only things I'm caring about right now is art, music and Amnesty International. I'm going to the Amnesty offices again tomorrow (!!), by invitation of course. I phoned almost every art gallery in Dublin today, so I have to drop off photocopies of my artwork around the city and at least one gallery told me that they'd have an "art critic" to analyze if there's a "market" for my work. What? There's a market for anything. I think that "art critics" aren't that important because it's only one person's opinion, isn't it? I mean, an "art critic" in London told me he didn't like my art at all, so what?. Others did like it, unfortunately I didn't get into a gallery, but 90% of London artists never do and need to set up their own. (I didn't have the time/money to do that, obviously. *L*) During an interview some woman asked if I made a living off of my paintings...haahahhahahah! that's so funny!..I wish. It's nice pocket change once in awhile but I could never live off of it. That's only a dream right now.

Then, music. I crave to play the guitar all the time because I don't have one here, it's back in the USA, of course. ;p I use Heather's guitar. I'm so excited because Heather is lending me her brand new electric when she goes on holiday to Washington&California!!! I can already tell that I'm going to be addicted to it. I'm even going to attempt to write better songs than the little ditties I wrote last year and never shared. I miss my guitar back at my parent's house so much. :*( That was really stupid not to bring it with me. I still have a strong voice, I was singing Frank Sinatra while cleaning this weekend, still got it. ;)
last night I went out to Temple Bar for drinks with the two Italian guys that I live with. They had live Irish music and I got free Heineken! yay! it was cool.

Hopefully I'll stop being lazy now and get some work done!
Christina Fairy xxxxx
np- Special Needs, Placebo (my fav. placebo song...)

ps- I just saw the new Kylie video, "Slow". I love's well, slow, but you can still dance to it and it's really sexy.
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Have you ever had one of those days were one thing happens right after the other and it gets to the point where you start laughing because there's nothing else to do?
Today my events included:
-being late for my interview this morning because I couldn't find the goddamn bus stop and then when I got to the neighbourhood I couldn't find the place so I walked around in circles.. (*LOL*!!!) I still don't know Dublin at all...
-getting a blister from my high-heeled black leather boots...they look really good but they're murder!
- burning my hand on the oven while getting my chips out
- then the grand finale....I locked myself out of my bedroom because my stupid skeleton key that looks like it's from the 1800's wouldn't turn the lock!!! I tried for an entire hour sitting in the hallway, twisting around, practically grunting & panting, slamming myself against the door, trying to turn the damn thing and it wouldn't budge!

Finally, a nice guy named Lorenzo, who happens to be my landlord, came by and he spent an hour trying to open it with using a toolbox and my olive oil to grease it up...finally the door came open and there are chunks of wood on my floor now from the door opening...*LOL*!! So I now have to hoover everything up......but now the door doesn't close I can't really close my door at all...I just find this day really funny for some don't realise how you take walking into your bedroom for granted until you're locked out and you need to get your things out of it!

I needed to meet with the temp. agency again this afternoon to get directions but with the bedroom thing, i couldn't....I tried hard not to laugh, I couldn't help it anymore!

Finally this night has been a bit better. I got an email from my favourite old professor/UN person Michele Wagner (insert 'Christina is a dork' jokes here) who thinks I 'sound British' through my emails and will keep an eye out for me if any NYC contacts come in...and I'm starting a job tomorrow! I don't know what to expect for tomorrow. I'm used to being away from people at a job, not having to interact with them. oy. I'm sure I'll be fine though. A job is a job...I'm always nervous the night before. Heather and Jen think it's going to be alright, so I do too. yeah (?)

Overall though, today was much better than yesterday. Yesterday morning I was giddy/happy but after some random things happened I ended up sobbing over some things that are not worth sobbing over from an outsider's point of view. Even I need hugs sometimes....and one of my friends was there for me, you know who you are, and that helped a bunch. Sometimes I just need to let some things out. I'm way too hard on myself, it's insane.

Hey, somebody left these livejournal settings on German and I can read it! rock.

and lastly, an old photo of Terra [ profile] ladygaia and me! Taken at Camp Snoopy...aren't we cute? I remember I was envious that Terra had really cool cameo trousers! Thank god you can't see the shirt I'm wearing. It says "PUNK" in big letters...(if you know me well that is funny *LOL*)..but underneath it said "golf punk" and I remember I got it because Nicky Wire used to play golf and I thought he was once "punk". hahah..and don't ask why there's a dodgy photoshop-made border! I think I was going to use it for something a long, long time ago..

Now I'm off to Tesco's to get some things and I'm so tired already I think I'm going to go to bed. Hope all of you are doing well. :) 'nite. xxxx


Oct. 7th, 2003 11:46 am
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I'm in a really good mood and I cannot tell you why... *giggles*I feel really intelligent though. *looks around and bites lip*

Lilt is my new favourite drink. It's pineapple and grapefruit soda....rawr.

My french flatmate Veronique moved back to London so now I'm on my own basically, except for 2 people who are never there. It's quite nice. Veronique left a note saying that she found me to be "very cool, intelligent and talented" and wished me luck with my singing and painting along with her email address. bless. I remember back in London my roomate Jess also did that, leaving a note next to my bed saying the same things.... Sometimes I get down on myself about my music and my art, so it means a lot when people think I'm talented and believe in me. I need to email Jess and Veronique...

Okay, I am really aol-tarded, so I'll add the lovely people who gave me their user names when they're online as well because i can't seem to add them when they're offline....if there's a way I can do that, somebody please tell me how to do that...

I spent this weekend painting and watching the "Sex and the City" marathon. I know "Sex and the City" is really shallow but I love it. Geri Halliwell's cameo was too short, in my opinion, even though she's a bad actress. I love the most recent one (over here anyway) where it ends in the gay prom. bless...

I finished the Richey painting and I'm my own worst self-critic but I think I did a pretty decent job for my first attempt of ever drawing/painting him! Half the time I look at it I'm like " looks just like him!" and the other half I'm like "'s alright I guess".

I really wish I could scan it so I could put it up on my livejournal! But does Ms. Fairy have access to a scanner in Europe? No, she does not.

I decided I'm going to keep my 2nd Madonna painting (the one that hasn't sold yet) and this new Richey painting for myself. I decided it's about time I start keeping a couple for me and me only. This sounds corny, but my artwork is part of me, and I (temporarily) don't want to sell it out like a cheap whore (because my art is cheap compared to all other original art I know of). I'm sure my next few paintings I'll be wanting to sell though. These 2 are enough to keep me satisfied. :)

Oh yeah, the painting is of Richey from the Holy Bible-era, his eyes are closed, he's wearing eyeshadow and a small crucifix, and it's in shades of gray-ish purple. lovely.

and speaking of people who run far, far away.......Liz did that!!! hahaahah...she's in Shenyang, or Beijing....or by now she must be somewhere in the middle of India or Nepal. I haven't a clue. I just got a short email from her..I can see why she "escaped" her situation...I would as well. poor darling. I can't wait to see her again, someday...we're going scuba diving in Figi in 2005! We've been planning that for a couple years now....I have no idea if fiction will become reality but it's at least a cool idea. I've always wanted to go to Figi.

I've also been using all my credit on my mobile texting Jen, who's on the islands off the northern coast of Scotland hiking, hitchiking to get around and staying in a stone cottage with no heat! I worry about her, I hope she doesn't freeze to death! I remember when I was on the islands 3 years ago and it was so gorgeous, she's so lucky. I can't wait to see her when she gets done up there and visits me here. My friends are so fuckin' cool. *arm motions I adapted from hanging around Robin too much..if you know me in person you know it*
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Today I took the DART train to the small coastal town of Bray in Co. Wicklow. It was so lovely. It was "warm" (for Ireland) and I just went to the beach, relaxed and watched the waves crash onto the shore.

While I was on the train it was interesting seeing images (ie. multi-coloured homes on the shore) that I took photos of 3 years prior when I took a coach with Brenda and Sarah Witt down the coast when I was a tourist. I took millions of photos of the Bay because I never thought I'd end up in Ireland again and if I did, it'd be a very long time.'s funny how life turns out sometimes, though I didn't see Bono's house this time, that's not included in the view from the DART. ;)

Another thing I thought of on the DART was that "Bray" sounded awfully familiar...and then I realised something. I had a childhood penpal from Bray! Her name was Jenny Cullen. We wrote each other all the time when we were aged 11-14 and I remember she would send me Take That stuff and I'd make her mix tapes of my favourite pop/rock songs (basically SWV, Smashing Pumpkins, 2 Unlimited and Nirvana at the time). We also exchanged photos so I would remotely know what she looks like now. Bray is so tiny as well! God, she lives/ed in a beautiful place.

If I find her address I'm going to send her a postcard from Dublin with my mobile number and invite her out for a drink! That'd be so amazing if I met her...for 3 years of my childhood/teenagehood I thought she was the coolest....and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual. I don't even know why we stopped posting letters to each other (yes, this was pre-internet! letters-only) I used to beg my parents to PLEASE let me go to Ireland to visit her and of course they'd always say "no, you're too young". Hopefully her or at least her parents still live at that address...but first I need to find her address which might be a task in itself.

There's a 90% chance I'm starting a job next week! yay! That's all I'll say for now because it's not confirmed yet.

I found my new favourite hangout. Amnesty International! You can sign petitions there, read about global issues and in the cafe all there food and drinks are made from fair trade goods. I had the honour of getting into the offices there while I was job searching. it didn't look that spectular aesethically-speaking, but I know what they do there and I was in complete awe of that.

I walked past Oscar Wilde's place today and according to the plaque on the house, he lived there until he was 23! He didn't leave his parents house until he was my age!!! This excited me a bit. I always assume that everybody great has done everything by the time they're my age for some reason. I think I'm going through a mild quarter-life crisis. ;/ Then again, I've been freaking about getting older since I turned 16. I'm not kidding. I can be quite silly, I know.

Heather informed me that as of this past July, Nike overtook Converse! eep! Since I boycott Nike and all there evil ways I have two options. a) conserve my Converses and treat them with TLC or b) move back to wearing Pumas. I think I'll go with the latter. My black converses are barely worth saving and my red ones are heading down the same path.

lastly, tonight on "Later....with Jools Holland" it was entirely dedicated to Johnny Cash's performances on there throughout the years. I sat there like an eager little kid. absolutely fantastic stuff.
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