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Last night I went with a bunch of people to the Inteprid Fox in Soho. it's the best bar ever. I thought Garlic'n'Shots was, but the Interprid Fox wins. What other place has Oasis & Sex Pistols posters with fake cobwebs and robot crucifixes on the walls!!? I got a girl-crush on the barmaid upstairs....she looked like a cross between Traci Lords and Courtney Love with a lip piercing and pink streaks in her hair. I wasn't alone, Alana was the first to say "She's really hot". yes, indeed. After drinking Newcastle Brown Ales and Strongbow, I came back here, changed, and headed off to The Borderline.

Okay, I don't think I was actually in The Borderline. Sure, I went in, went through these doors and saw people dancing to The Darkness and...just assumed I was at the right place! It looked kind of small but I didn't I just started dancing around with the rest of the crowd....I saw some people that looked familar (ie people in bands, in the NME...) and was like 'nah, can't be them' and just kept on dancing around... Lots of indie boys danced with me, I got loads of compliments on my Spiller's Records shirt, and all around had a really good night!

When I left the bouncer stopped me and said 'How did you get in there? You weren't supposed to be in there!!!'. Okay. Apparently I accidently went into this VIP area party...*LOL*!!! I just said 'Sorry, I didn't know'. The bouncer was nice, he called me 'darling' and let me head home.

I just thought that was amusing. ;)

Today I spent the afternoon at Tate Modern. I used to hate dislike Tate Modern, as I thought it was overly-pretentious. Well, it is, but I've grown to really love it. I basically went to see the 5 Angels of the Millennium again. I could spend hours watching's now my favourite piece of art, including film, photography, painting, everything. I also loved the Warhol room. After reading more about his paintings and the meanings behind his Jackie O. Elvis & Marilyn prints, I'm more convinced that he was a genius. How he linked celebrity to mortality is just, liberating? ingenius. I also respect him even more for his Electric Chair prints. The whole Tate Modern visit today just made me feel very inspired.

Did everybody that wanted a x-mas card from me get one? The postal service hasn't been to kind to me recently...:/ gr.

Date: 2003-12-21 04:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yeah, I sent a card off to you. it's probably slow due to the holidays. i hope.


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