Dec. 27th, 2003

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A pop art look at the year 2003.

from my trip to Cardiff in July. I love that city. <3

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My mother's best friend, her son and his fiancee (he's on his 2nd finacee and he's only 22...) came over. We had Pepparkakor (I got 3 pieces again!) and n/a drinks, and guess what? His fiancee is pregnant! They're going to have a baby in August '04. It's just shocking because this guy (my mom's friend's son) I grew up with and because we were both only children, we felt like we were siblings because we were always around each he's going to be a FATHER!?!?!?! Jesus, I feel old.
They are getting married in October 2005...I think it's weird when people plan out their weddings for years...I'd just elope in Las Vegas, but that's just me ;)
Yes, I do feel old but on the other hand, I'm so grateful I'm not married and having children yet! I need to do a lot more things before I even start thinking about that, if I ever start thinking about it. The idea of me 'settling down' makes me feel trapped. It may be okay for some people, but not for me. Give me at least another 10 years.


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