Dec. 11th, 2003

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I'm still sick. *sniffles*

NyQuil never knocks me out so last night I took Night Nurse and didn't think it'd affect me, at 8pm, bam I was out. I woke up at noon today. The last time I slept for 16 hours straight I was in hospital.

Yesterday was the Amnesty International conference, and I had a cold running on 4.5 hours of sleep the night before, hence my sleep-a-thon last night.

I already have my new year's plans! yay! Apparently I'll be with [ profile] ladygaia going to [ profile] spikenheimer's party :)

So this year doesn't have to live up to much to beat last year (meatmarketclub, drugs, heavydrinking, crapmusic, scarydriving, girlbrokemymobilephone). trust me.

Heather and I are going to try to find Jill Furmanovsky's gallery somewhere in Temple Bar this weekend.....

oh yeah, and apparently parts of my demo are 'mega'.

and Amnesty International's christmas party tomorrow night! yay! I love working for a laid-back international rights office who also remembers to have fun as well as work.

When I worked for the Institute of Global Studies in Mpls. we would have fun, like get beer from belgium and cake to close the day. This place has a similar atmosphere ;)

I got everybody's address who wanted a x-mas card. I'll send them out. thanks.

I can't wait to get my photos developed! I'm getting antsy...I'm starting to want a digital camara.


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