Dec. 4th, 2003

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I swear Jen, I'm going to make you a shirt that says that!! ..oh that reminds me! I must find a great photo of Albert Camus...and I did.
Yes, I do realise my mind works in weird ways...

Last night I met up with Heather [ profile] eire2000, and Jen for drinks, then preceded to my apartment for dinner and for dessert we floats. Ya know, like Root Beer floats, but using neapolition ice cream and 80 proof vodka instead?

The outcome: disgusting. It tasted like sterlized ice cream, if there ever was such a thing. So, no, never mix ice cream and vodka. badbadbad.

I just got off the phone with this woman who's clearly...not there, claiming she doesn't want to take her medications anymore. I do understand this because I know family friends who've reacted badly to certain medications (ie prozac) but yeah....after what seemed like forever-and-a-day I didn't know what to tell her. I just told her to 'live a healthy lifestyle' and she seemed pleased with that.

but seriously, I'm not a doctor, I didn't know what the fuck to say. That's not in my job description.

other events have included: romping around co. dublin and wicklow, taking lovely photos of the sea (at least I hope they turn out lovely), going to a conference on mental health, going tacky soveniour shopping, laughing until my sides hurt and I can't breathe, and now, going downstairs for Mexican food! yay! it's Mexican night in our break room. lovely.


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