Nov. 7th, 2003

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Last night was spent playing around with Oasis & Strokes tunes, and writing my own music. I think I "discovered" a new chord that sounds brilliant!?!? Maybe it's one of the 1,204,506 chords I don't know yet, or maybe I have learned it and I'm being absent-minded, but it sounds v. cool. Even on a electric guitar that wasn't plugged in....

Spike [ profile] spikenheimer's post made me realise that I miss playing music and jamming with people. It's only been 2 1/2 months since I've been in my last band, but it feels like lightyears. I remember my last few weeks in London, Stephen (ex-Peaches & Slashing Beauty photographer) would jam with me and he would always say that we'd be the "next White Stripes. Nobody would know what our relationship would be, it'd be great..etc" but considering he just moved to Australia (!!!) I don't see that happening. Considering Heather [ profile] eire2000 is on holiday in the States I miss that company. I would like to find people to jam with/help me learn more guitar/write music with soon. I adore being on my own and it's really nice, but I would like some people to share it with from time to time.

Last night I also dug out some Blur. It was weird. I knew every word to every song even though I haven't listened to them properly in at least a year or two. I'm re-living my Britpop phase momentarily. I also watched bits of The 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards but I missed both Kylie and The Darkness! which is all I wanted to see. Instead I got Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Pink, dressed in a sparkly devil outfit. :p

I can't wait to go back to London. Go to Covent Garden (Fred Perry!), eat vegan Thai food, pick up some CDs at HMV/Virgin sale, perhaps go to the Borderline and rock out with pretty boys/girls and crash in Ben's flat. This of course will all be enhanced 10x if Jen decides to be there at the time, even though I'll see her way before that.

And now for a moment of vain-ness: I like my reflection in the computer screen right now! The sunlight is shining in and making cool shadows on my face. You can't see my eyes but just my lips, nose, and hair. I wish I had webcam access right now. Trust me, it looks cool.

Still working on Robin's painting! It still looks way too 1970's. *L*

"To Be Someone" is currently my favourite song....originally done by The Jam, although Noel Gallagher's version is just as pretty. <333 Fin.


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