Aug. 6th, 2003

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I saw this at [ profile] eire2000's journal....

AHHHH!!! *runs screaming* AMERICAN EAGLE MUST DIE! DIE! bastards....if I see that photo in a store window next time I'm in America I'm going to run in there and kill all those fake-tanned skinny posers!! And...I don't even see anything familiar between the two photos....the first is DIY and the second is manufactured over-priced SHIT!

I just really hate American you can see.

In other news *still shaken by american eagle website* Last night was pretty good for me.

I've been feeling very stressed out recently. It's not just one thing, it's a shitload of everything in my life kinda collasping into this pile....*sigh* I know I'll be fine because I'm always fine. I'm me, and I watch out for myself all the time. I'll be alright, I just get too overly worried about everything. argh.

I saw Jen last night after work. Jen always makes me feel better, no matter what. She bought me dinner at Wetherspoon's (bless her) and she agreed that yes, I'm going through a very gloomy, depressive phase right now and if she were me, she'd be completely freaking out. We talked a lot (about other things, got my mind off of me) and she did cheer me up quite a bit :) thank you Jen. *hugs*

After that Jen and I ended up in Bill's office and we mastered the demo CD. 6 tracks took about 3 hours. We finished 2 hours into it, and then everything got deleted somehow!!!! So, we had to start all over again.....finally at 1am I went to bed and Bill worked on it until..I don't know when? All I know is that the finished CDs were laying on my dresser in the morning. We need about 50 copies though and right now there's....a couple. *L* that includes the master CD.

Bill and Jen both think we're good. Bill said that there really is no genre for it. He says we sound like "If Ian Curtis and Siouxsie had children"...mwahah..that's the best compliment! Bill thought I tentionally distorted my voice on purpose. um...nope. pure accident. Too bad when we professionally record that'll go away.

Also, apparently I sound like Courtney Love from the "Celebrity Skin" era (a few people have said that but I still don't hear it..) and we're also reminscient of Patti Smith and Blue Oyster Cult. okay. i can deal with that. *L*

My left side of my abdomen is really sore and's from stress. I've experienced this before...argh. I need to stop this.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Am near Buckingham Palace, somewhere. *L* Probably will be full of tourists...blah.

and lastly, Heather [ profile] don't need to worry about your body. Stop the situps and salads and eat some ice cream! you're gorgeous. always have been. xxxxx you've always reminded me of a french movie star. I hope you're alright.


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