Jul. 20th, 2003

ze weekend

Jul. 20th, 2003 10:15 pm
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events of this past 2 days:

+ waited for this studio to open up. It was on denmark place (aka, "the street that smells of wee") The stench was so bad amethyst and I waited around the corner where the smell was less bad...we got into the studio. wasn't right. there was a mix-up. we left. thankfully we didn't get charged.
+ looked in NME. wrote down studio information.
+ walked to nearest wetherspoon's. we were drinking by 11 am. how rock'n'roll.
+ found tin pan alley studios (the sex pistols and led zepplin to name a few have recorded there!) after some semi-drunken research and determination (more like walked up and down the street and rob pressing *all* the buttons on the intercom..*LOL*). we got in and talked to a producer. :D
+ went to nicky's house, 4 of us spent the afternoon talking, relaxing.
+ walked amethyst to work and sat there for an hour until the comedy club in the back of her pub opened.
+ spent 45 minutes trying to get a 176 bus (the first one went right past me!!! argh) and finally made it back.
+ listened to my CDs until I fell asleep.

Sunday (today)
+ amethyst came over here
+ we went to superdrug, boots, tesco and mark's & spencer simply food to accumlate our lunch (we're picky ;))
+ went to hampstead (north london, were loads of celebs/millionaries live)
+ bought silver mascara and red lipstick at the Body Shop for £1.30 together!!! fab.
+ walked down to camden town
+ went to the market.
+ bought [livejournal.com profile] ladygaia a gift!!! whee!
+ bought lily a gift! a union jack tanktop! awwww
+ ate dodgy £2, now £3 during tourist season, noodles next to the canal and talked about life and wonderful things...and it was perfect weather...*bliss*
+ almost bought a Billie Holiday double album and Havana "Cuba Libre" music CDs...but then discovered I had no money left! :(
+ waited for amethyst's bus with her
+ came back here, listened to music and ate almost an entire canister of sour cream'n'onion pringles (bad christina)
+ now off to take a shower and go to bed! night. xxxx


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