Jul. 8th, 2003

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After band rehearsal last night, I got back home and recited/practice sang some of our songs...wow, the lyrics are *really* good. It's just when you sing something over and over and over again you don't really *think* about every line after awhile...but I should. They do just as well as poetry as they do as songs, and that's brilliant.

I keep talking about the band and music and such and hopefully we *will* have something to show for ourselves shortly. Well, we already do but you'd have to come over to Nicky's house in south London ;)

I'm back at work, Ben came over to my desk as soon as I sat down and told me he barely hung on, he missed me so much, not seeing me for 3 whole days.
mwahah...he's sweet.
He was also very excited that I went to Wales, and now I've inspired him to take a trip home, so he's going back to his little village for a visit sometime soon. Hi Ben! if you're reading this...:)

Amethyst just phoned me about this flat available in Bayswater, London. yay! That whole Kensington/Notting Hill/Bayswater area is just gorgeous. I'm more than happy with that.

I keep thinking that a year ago from now i was in Minneapolis, seeing Blondie live, living in the building owned by the landlords from hell, working at Tribeca w/ Jeremy! (sob, I miss him), getting sunburned at the Uptown art fair selling my paintings and having no idea where I was going to be the next year. It's just amazing how much can happen in 12 months. I don't want my life to be boring, ever, and I think I'm doing a good job of that. ;)

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