Jul. 5th, 2003

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I didn't go to Germany this weekend because it was way too expensive, so with my some of my birthday money I disappeared to
South Wales, and now I'm back! Once again people there thought I was local! haha...I love that.

I brought back:
+ a Spiller's Records shirt (spiller's records)
+ a new mircophone lead (m g music)
+ pink sunglasses for Lily's 2nd birthday (girlheaven)
+ Buzz, the south wales music mag

I started the day at Spiller's listening to the new Adam Green CD (oh, it's..not good) and the new Delerium CD (love it! almost bought it but didn't want to spend more money).

I spent most of the day at Cardiff Bay down next to the water writing poetry/lyrics, sketching out my surroundings and thinking of what I can do for my next paintings. I just felt very relaxed and artistic, while eating kiwi-flavoured ice cream from the pier. (it's sooo good)

When I got the train back the train was delayed in Cardiff for 30 minutes due to a fight between Zimbabwe and South African cricket supporters. There was game between them in Wales today and their fans got out of hand on the train. so stupid. The transport police were on board but it all got sorted out.

oh yeah, I also stopped by a pub and talked briefly to this woman and her dog started to drink her pint. mwahhah! missed the perfect photo op there.

see some of you at band practice tomorrow and/or monday! *mwah!*


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