Jun. 24th, 2003

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hi everyone. it's my friend sebastian's last night here in London. I still have to get him a lil birthday present. I have to get loads of people presents. tonight we're supposed to go out on a pub crawl until he becomes so shit-faced that he won't care about going back to the states. poor guy. I can't really afford to go to every place he wants to go...but I'll tag along for a little while. I'm just going through this phase where I don't really like paying to put toxins into my body.

Lately I've been reading Everybody's a Fucking Poet! by a.h.s. boy at nothingness.org. Situationist texts can be found there in all their brilliance.

I've been trying to read books and texts that are "healthier" for my mind instead of just fiction. Considering I'm not in Uni anymore, I feel like I need to feed myself with knowledge just like I have to feed myself with food...my mind has been starving recently and I really don't need for that to continue.

I've realised that I can never write anything intimiate or personal on this thing....I'm too private of a person. I used to think that these livejournals made absolutely no sense. but I have been proved wrong. There's some lovely people that I've met on here, so it's more than worth it. :)

photos coming soon...maybe. depends on how my film develops. *L*

oh yeah, I ♥ scandinavian girl metal.

ps- how is everyone? esp. those I haven't talked for awhile.....doing alright? I know some people have added me recently and I've added back. tell me about yourself, etc...I'll start:

my first and middle name is Christina Marie. I'm 22. I'm a Leo. I'm an American living in London, England. I'm in a band called Slashing Beauty. I'm also an artist (painter). i love english breakfast. i speak a bit of german and spanish. my new fav. music video is David Bowie's "Jean Genie"..etc...


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