May. 24th, 2003

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I just got home from the gig!!!! Ohhhh my god, I was waiting for this for 6 years, and I'm very pleased. I hate to be shallow but Courtney Taylor-Taylor has to be one of the most gorgeous men on the planet!

Dave and I arrived there at 7pm and this guy stopped us on the street and told Dave he was horrible for "not holding that pretty girl's hand!!" referring to me. hahahahahahaahah....

We had balcony seats (blah) but we found a scalper and for £10 extra each, we exchanged them for floor tickets!! woo hoo!

So Dave and I got our beers (I bought him his beer, bless) and we ran down to the stage, RIGHT IN THE FRONT!

As I said, Courtney is gorgeous and now I know we share something in common. Neither of us are photogenic because he's 10x better looking in person. mmmmmm..and I think he looked at me a few times, which would be typical considering I was right there. *L*

During "Horse Pills" the crowd went so wild that I had to grab onto Dave's arm so I didnt' get carried away in the sea of people! It was semi-scary, but a gig's a gig. and Brixton is there you are. During "Minnesoter" I sang at the top of my lungs and bounced up and down like crazy...the version of "Minnesoter" was more rocking, faster pace..tres cool. Actually come to think of it, there were about only 3 songs that I *didn't* bounce around and sing along to!

There was NO support act (that's a good thing...) and they played for over 2 1/2 hours!!!!!! Courtney was wearing a grey sleeveless shirt so he was showing off his skinny muscular arms (not like I checked them out..*ahem") and still has his mohawk! floppy on the side! mwah!

the gig ended with Zia all alone on stage singing this song about her Daisy tattoo on her toe! bless! She's SOOOO cute!! it was a unique yet adorable way to end the night.

Afterwards Dave and I went to McDonalds and got some food, and now I'm back here! it was just fantastic....♥♥


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