Apr. 28th, 2003

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Okay, up until today I was really good on the whole homesickness thing....

Today I just missed people like no tomorrow. and I'm still missing them. Today at work I was wondering how I could be around *so* many people and still feel all lonely inside..

the weather today fitted my mood. It was rainy, the Thames was wavering from the rain splashing into it...and it was cloudy. The sky was grey and dull. I was sitting in the office, also being quite dull myself.

Tonight was better. Nicky and I picked up Amethyst at London Bridge station and we ate and listened to our demo. Am gave me a couple hugs and it felt like there was some magic in the air, like the magic that was there a long, long time ago....

I think great things could happen. I just had this positive vibe tonight that everything could be alright.
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I've been listening to BRMC all day....god I love their album. so lovely...

here's some things I've learned in the past few days:
+ there's a shortcut between here and the pub Sam works at, it's this tiny really really old street with pubs and Italian cafes...so cute.
+ Emails from Rob make me laugh :)
+ the Dandy Warhols just sold their new song "we used to be friends" to an advert for Sky One. I still like them though.
+ Nicky can play bass so well!!! I even told his mum how talented her son is.
+ [livejournal.com profile] spikenheimer is in Hawaii! So is Jeff, Amy and Ryan, people who were here last week. Hawaii must be really popular this time of year or something.
+ Amethyst can play guitar like we never stopped writing.
+ Russell Square is a good place for orgies. Not like I asked.
+ Milkybars are very, very good.
+ Virginia Woolf's "The Years" is only £3 new in Camden. I might it after I get my paycheck.
+ One must use 2 alarm clocks to get up for a 9-5 job properly.
+ Band practice so far is wonderful.


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