Apr. 6th, 2003

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*that's playing in my head*

some people on the 176 bus here were driving ME MAD!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in front of the bus on the upper level and they were at the back and I could hear them over my headphones at maximum volume! God, some people are so fucking rude....unbelieveable.

While reading through my friend's livejournals just now and I noticed that all the "R's" were backwards.......

I thought you were being creative and artistic with your writing until I realized on Nicky's computer he has it set on "The Holy Bible" font. *L* silly me. ;)

I just found that semi-amusing. thought I'd share. *L*

Nicky thinks that Richey Edwards looks weird in this picture in the Forever Delayed book..no, he looks really adorable! really. maybe I'm the weird one. *L*

EDIT: Nicky just read this post while I was typing so now he's playing the VU's "Sunday Morning"!! bless.


Apr. 6th, 2003 07:29 pm
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I'm not answering all 300+ and if I think they're pointless I'm answering them either. *L*

: Basics : .
[ .001. ] first name: christina
[ .002. ] middle name: marie
[ .002. ] last name: fairy ;)
[ .004. ] nickname(s): Babes, Chris, C-Dawg
[ .006. ] age: 22
[ .007. ] birthday: 28 July 1980
[ .008. ] height: 5'9" or something..I know for a fact I'm the same height as Noel Gallagher *L*
[ .010. ] eye color: green with light brown specks
[ .015. ] where were you born: Minneapolis, MN, USA
[ .016. ] current location: Bloomsbury, London, England
[ 017. ] zodiac sign: Leo
[ .018. ] how many languages do you know: English, German, Spanish and a bit of Dutch. Also some phrases in Norwegian and Japanese.
[ .020. ] bad habits: twirling my hair, interuppting people in conversation.
[ .038. ] do you get along with your parents: yes, except that they don't understand my life and I don't understand theirs, but other than that, it's good *L*

: School : .

[ .048. ] favorite teacher: Dr. Michele Wagner. My professor for African Studies last fall. She was in the UN during the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and after awhile I became teacher's pet (she took me out for lunch even!) so yes..but she's one of the most interesting people I have ever met in my life and I'm honoured to still be in contact with her to this day. Oh yeah, she also gave my painting on the Meru tribe conflict of Tanzania to the author of the book it inspired!!!! See, told you she was tres cool.

[ .049. ] least favorite teacher: how about, all the ones that made high school even worse for me?!?!?! yeah, that. or one that Caitlin knows....I've never met him but I think he's got some issues to deal with.

[ .050. ] favorite subject: Holocaust studies. East African history.
[ .051. ] least favorite subject: any maths. absolutely horrid for me.
[ .054. ] do/did you do any extracurricular activities: editor of school newspaper, and also the music review person *L*, AFS cultural exchange programs, band/orchestra, piano, yearbook
[ .056. ] favorite dance: the Ian Curtis dance! I saw it last night in a film. *L*
[ .057. ] favorite memory: only one? Well the most recent favourite was going to Cardiff Bay and city centre last week!!
[ .059. ] least favorite memory: probably being very ill when I was 17 and just...that whole school year was pretty brutal. I'll never forget that. or the car accident I was in, that was really horrible as well. hence I avoid driving in the rain.

. : Favorites : .
[ .061. ] number: 8
[ .062. ] clothing brand: I am not an advert.
[ .063. ] shoes: converses...okay, so I'm kind of an advert ;P

[ .064. ] saying: "I'm so modern that everything is pointless" and it'll be different 5 minutes from now.
[ .065. ] tv show: frasier, I guess.

[ .068. ] fruit: kiwis, starfruit, cherries, strawberries.
[ .069. ] movie: Velvet Goldmine.

[ .070. ] magazine: I don't have any anymore..the NME either has the White Stripes or the YYY's on it all the time! There needs to be more interesting bands because I think that the NME is quickly running out of stories fast.

[ .071. ] actor: for aesethics: Jonathan Rhys Meyers/ for acting ability that blew me away: Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt.
[ .072. ] actress: Marilyn Monroe.
[ .073. ] candy: Kit Kat white chocolate bars....*drools* and Lion Bars...and Cadbury's Fruit & Nut....etc....I love chocolate here in the UK.

[ .078. ] color: black, technically *not* a colour but whatever...
[ .079. ] season: summer!
[ .080. ] holiday: Christmas.
[ .081. ] band: Slashing Beauty. duh.
[ .082. ] singer: Morrissey
[ .085. ] type of music: revoultionaryrockpopindustrialgothyglambeautifulretronoise.

[ .086. ] thing in your room: my CDs.
[ .087. ] place to be: Cardiff. London.
[ .088. ] radio station: XFM
[ .089. ] tv channel: M2 Europe.
[ .092. ] store: Miss Selfridge, HMV, Virgin Megastore, Spiller's, TopShop, Camden markets.
[ .095. ] restaurant: the veggie thai place down the road.
[ .097. ] time of day: 2 am, if I'm still up.
[ .098. ] country: UK
[ .108. ] music video: “Love Sweet Exile" by the Manic Street Preachers. "Pure Morning" by Placebo.

[ .200. ] do you go by looks or personality: Well the person has to be aesethically pleasing in order for you to be with them..obviously. i think 75% personality and 25% looks, but if they have the ugliest personality, I don't give a fuck what they look like. you can be the most beauitful person aesethically and be absolutely ugly in my eyes.

would you?
[ .228. ] be an exotic dancer: sure. I think it's funny that a woman showing her tits can turn a man into a lesser human being.

and that's ENOUGH!!!!! i'm finished!!! it's over......the end. bye.


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