Mar. 8th, 2003

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I was watching I love 88 last night on VH1. They started in about the British music that came over here....and it was like, the Cure Morrissey and Depeche Mode! Hence, Ms. Fairy got excited.

With The Cure, these actors are all like 'yeah, we were closet goths!' cause you know, HEAVEN FORBID if you liked the Cure and admitted it! Then preceded to say how big of freaks Cure fans were etc etc..

Ms. Fairy is annoyed, but stupid people annoy her, so henceforth.

Morrissey is next. One B-list celebrity says "Who wants to listen to an entire album of whining?" (Ms. Fairy is even more annoyed now) and then another stupid actor says "I don't really think he was that depressed. I'm sure the record companies showed him all that money and he agreed to be that way and took the cash".

*shocked face*

Okay, I agree with the fact that Morrissey is not depressed. He admitted on Craig Kilborn he is a happy person, BUT what he writes about is observations on life and reality. I completely understand, because that's exactly how *I* write. So, I have that in common with dear ol' Moz...I know.

But saying that Morrissey just is like that to gain wealth on national TV just made me want to fucking VOMIT!!!!

Then it went onto saying that people were "really weird" in the 80s for liking Depeche Mode.

This comes from the same channel that says that Britney Spears is what "every woman wants to be" and that Jack White is the "coolest dresser".

fuck them. *gives the finger*

in other news. My grandma was going to have a 'going away' party for me, and invited my dad's whole side of the family...

it got cancelled! because we got 6" of snow and it's supposed to be windy tonight. mwahahh!!

I know this sounds mean but I'm glad. very glad. because honestly, the last thing I need is a trillion questions about the UK when I can probably only answer 2 at this moment. That would just turn me into one big ball of anxiety, and I'm close enough to that the way it is right now.


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