Feb. 16th, 2003

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from Supergrass' 'Prophet 15'.

First of all, read this.......

I guess I'm more risky than those "punks" anyday. :p

Since about 9pm Friday night I've been hit with the classic flu. I have it all. Snuffy nose, sore throat, water-y eyes, sneezing, dizzy/headache, fever....you name it.

During my weekend of hiberation I rented two films. Swept Away and The Good Girl.

Swept Away = Shit. The Good Girl is better, but it doesn't live up to the hype. I enjoyed all the J.D. Salinger references..The character "Holden" was a writer and all his stories ended up in death or escaping from society. I love those types of stories....as some of you know. ;) They reminded me of prettymouth's work, which I'm a fan of. :) She's also cool and not insane unlike "Holden". *L*

I can't wait to read her revised editions :)

The Good Girl has a sad ending as well, which was refreshing for once.

Last night ladygaia and amaranthyne made dinner! Considering I have zero appetite I only had a few bites, but it was yummy! amaranthyne taught me that "cute" in Japanese is "Kawaii" and gave a brief lesson on how to translate ruins in the beginning of the book "The Hobbit." Then they went out to Kobalt, as I went back downstairs and fell asleep, again. *L*

Oh yeah, I also think it's pathetic that Micheal Jackson is using his own propaganda in order for him to save his own ass.

Wow, that's a long post. Hey! I think I'm feeling a tiny bit better now!! At least I'm thinking semi-clearly now!



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