Jan. 27th, 2003

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I spent my day today basically talking on the phone *L* First I called Caitlin because she's my friend and I always talk to her *L* Then I used up my $20 phone card on two calls...one to talk to Heather in Dublin and talking to Dianne in Chester. I also talked to Dianne's mum in Middlesbrough which she invited me to visit. I told her I won't have that much money but her mum is so sweet, she's
like "No worries, we'll get around it somehow". Aww!
Her mum is so sweet! I remember when I was in the UK I stayed with them and she told me I'll always be welcome at their house. bless. Dianne also invited me to Chester (more importantly, to go to Northwich...see, we tried to go to Northwich 2 years ago but we only got as far as Manchester *L*) and then I was going to ring Nicky but DAMN PHONE CARD! Calling internationally is too expensive. Oh
well, I'll ring Nicky sometime before I leave. obviously :)

It was nice though cause I haven't talked to Heather since....June *L* and Dianne for over a year, maybe 2 years? wow...yeah.


and here's yet another quiz:

Which Genocidal Maniac Are You?

You're Juvenal Habyarimana!

You were President of Rwanada for over two decades, but in 1990 your popularity was fading fast, even within the Hutu tribe, of which you are one. The country was under attack by exiled militants calling themselves the Rwandan Patriotic Front, who were predominantly of the Tutsi tribe - a tribe the Hutus feared.

Spying a cunning way of getting more popularity, you made it look like the Tutsis within Rwanda were responsible for the attacks and were trying to take power. Hate brewed up within the people, fuelled by the state newspaper and radio stations, and in 1994 the Tutsis were slaughtered, alongside many of your Hutu political opponents. The west, meanwhile, saw it happening, knew what would happen, but sat and watched rather than intervening.

Not a world of fun, especially not for you - you were killed on April 6 of that year. Sorry.

Michele would be SO PROUD of me!!!
Wouldn't she? I think she'd laugh at that.. ;)


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