Jan. 15th, 2003

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I just got home from the gig! I told you I'd write about it, so here I am, writing about it *L*

The Tide- they've gotten cuter! *L* When I knew them we were all teenagers but over the last couple years...wow. Their music is also 10x better! If they have an album out, I'm getting it.
I was really really proud of them. Well done guys. :)

Calla- Moody half chilled out lounge/part goth/part indie. The lead singer was your typical depressed 'tortured artist'. Black hair all up in his face...and their songs were all a day and a half long....I started zoning out and focusing on the back of the cute mod boy's head that was in front of me *L*

Interpol- It's what I expected, yet not. *L* The lead singer kinda looks like Julian Casablancas when he leans over to adjust his guitar pedals. *L* I'm glad I went, it was def. worth $10. Their music is really pretty....and I didn't know all the songs and they played a few new ones, but all in all. It was good. It's what you expect from NYU art students ;)
During their performance of "NYC" I was completetly in awe......I just closed my eyes and wanted that feeling to stay with me...it was so calming and one of the best performance of a song I've ever heard.

On a grading scale: (The Hives having a "C" and both Blondie and the Strokes getting an "A" gig-wise)

NYC: A+ Rest of the Gig: B-


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