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It was really nice to see [ profile] ladygaia, [ profile] miss_lixx & [ profile] skywayman the other night.Thanks for waiting around for me :)

Emily [ profile] bohemianrapsody and yours truly, in the 'gothier than goth' club, Gossips in Soho.

These photos were scanned with an ancient scanner because the new scanner is broken (go figure)...

Jen & I very pleased after we set up Dublin's first Red Light District...

Me looking out at the Irish Sea....I was going for something similar to that cranberries' album sleeve...'everybody else is doing it so why can't we'? yeah, that one. I think it turned out very nice! Thanks to Jen and her fab photographic abilities!

Jen posing next to the sea...bless.

Jen smiling on top of a hill, inbetween takes of telling me to get my lazy ass up there and do some actual hiking ;)

Me at Soho Square, waiting to get into Gossips....I have no idea what I'm smiling at....

Venus & Shannon Blowtorch from ALl the Pretty Horses doing their live thing...
it was a great show.

All the Pretty Horses.

Showing off my new Dandy Warhol's 'Plan A' vinyl(!) to [ profile] oompa_radar, [ profile] bohemianrapsody and [ profile] knaughtykoolaid. it's so pretty..<333

Me without makeup and tired, enjoying my favourite meal ever. Chips & Beans (toast not shown) with Diet Pepsi. Really unhealthy but really yummy.

Robin and me in Dublin. :) and I have orange dots on my face for some reason...

I miss you Heather! That photo that Fiona took of us is hilarious! I'll email it to you soon...hahahahaahhaha

I got my mother hooked on the Pogues....hehe. yes...

that's all. bye!
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