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After reading Heather's journal, I know she wants me. I noticed yesterday in that cafe she dressed up just like Julian Casablancas just for me. It's so obvious, I should've figured it out before!

Christmas is fast approaching and I'm really anxious with everything that I have to do before hand. I'm not even thinking that far ahead really, I'm just looking forward to my 1,204,284 holiday to London and that's all I'll allow my brain to process at the moment.

The last night Jen was here in Dublin we walked around Trinity College, and overheard students exclaiming their frustration at all their upcoming finals. I'm so glad I'm not at University anymore, at least for a little while.

While we were walking around I confessed that i'm not emotionally attached to anybody at the moment. This is the first time in my life i feel this way. She understood because she feels the same way as I do. I feel like I can just get on a plane, fly anywhere (that I choose), and move there. *shrug*

I'm not attached to anything (except maybe London..crying at the airport, everytime) and although I don't want to be this emotionally de-tached for years, it's really fuckin' nice for once.

I'm intrigued by Francis Bacon's philsophy on love. There's no such thing as love, just sexual obsession. I don't agree with him 100%. Francis Bacon was a bit mental, but with the way I'm feeling recently, it makes a little sense at the moment.

and this is probably my cold talking, which is making me dillusional. except the Heather girl-crush, I know that's true ;)

Since I've had this cold I've been writing the best/most intelligent lyrics that I've ever written. very strange.

I can't wait to get near a scanner, printer, camera, livejournal will most-likely become photo, art, drawing, obsessed. beware.
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