Nov. 24th, 2003

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I really don't want to work at Zara anymore. It's not a bad job, but after working there for only 3 weeks, I already feel like I should diet, and I've already lost weight in the past few weeks. not good. I like my body, and I don't feel like being 5'9" and malnourished, thanks.

I told some co-workers at Amnesty about it and they found it hilarious! It is. I was laughing too. Seriously, I feel like Godzilla going clionk clionk clionk! through the store, and I'm not that big. trust me. The other girls come up to my shoulder, have the bodies of 12 year old boys and are as shallow as a teaspoon and bitch constantly. I think they're bitchiness comes from the fact that they're very, very hungry. I'm going to eat some chocolate digestives in front of them next time. heh. I could break them it two with my sharp, scanadavian hips. mwah!

This morning I keep my sanity by looking forward to London!!! Jen & London & Ben & The Borderline & ATPH show...a winning combination!

This weekend I wrote 3 songs (yay for me), finished Robin's painting (it's unlike any other painting I've done <3), and read 200+ pages,all while listening to American pirate radio from 1984. It's weird being in your own little world, painting away, when an American accent booms out "The Ghostbusters theme is #1 on the charts this week!", followed by it's 'current' box office ratings and of course, the Ghostbuster's theme. hahaah. It felt like I was living in 1984, as long as I didn't leave my bedroom. This could be the reason why Robin's painting now looks it grew up in the '80s ;)

Oh yeah, I try to avoid watching TV, but I stayed up until 4am watching what is, in my little world, the best night of TV I've ever witnessed. At midnight there was BRMC live in Edinburgh (<3 Nick Jago), then a brand new Iggy Pop interview (!), followed by a brand new Morrissey interview (!!), followed by a brand new documentary on the Strokes, complete with interviews and studio footage(!!!). Okay, now I really hope I get "Room on Fire" for x-mas.

Manuela (my flatmate that's really cool. I have two flatmates.), always sings this song to me in Italian. Apparently it translates to 'Christina is cute!'. Since my other flatmate (who's also Italian) doesn't laugh at it, I assume she's telling the truth, so I like that song ;)

She also taught me how to say "Bush can kiss my ass!" in Italian! As we were watching Bush speak to the people of Britian with Tony Blair a few nights ago. According to Manuela, I speak it with a perfect good Italian accent. good to know ;)

I've been reading Debbie Harry & Chrissie Hynde interviews lately because they're inspiring.

and, listen to/download/whatever Chicks on Speed's "We Don't play Guitars". It's cool, it makes me laugh. <333


*finally goes to read her friend's list and goes into shock*

Jonathan Brandis died. holy fuck.


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