Nov. 17th, 2003

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Saturday afternoon was kinda of like an episode of Sex & the City, one of the episodes where something happens to one of them and they freak out. My experience would have to do with male body hair. I'm leaving it at that. I'm tempted to leave a waxing kit in front of somebody's door.

We all have shallow parts to ourselves, that above paragraph was mine. ;)

Saturday night left me in a situation that was really scary. I was convinced by the end of the night I would be harmed by this really frightening guy who kept following me and would not leave me alone. Well, I was smart, quick-witted and I ran away from him unharmed. I came home to eat about 6 million calories of junkfood. I know it was all due to stress and it was emotional eating, but one night out the year is not going to make me gain weight. This is not related to the body hair paragraph. I was extremely freaked out until I got home safely. Just when I begin to be friendly to people, there's always some nutcase that proves that there's seriously psycho people that are out there to hurt you.

So, I know all you girls are smarter than this, but I'm reminding you to never tell a guy you just met (and don't trust) where you live and never tell them you live alone, even if you do. I didn't share any information about myself and I'm really glad I didn't, otherwise the night may have been a lot worse.

Sunday was better. Zara department store is this chain that's all over mainland Europe and apparently they've been hyping it up for months here in Ireland about how glamourous and "inexpensive" it is.

Well, I have a part-time job at Zara....and it's not that different from any other department store! It's basically a 2 floor version of the 13 floor Marshall Field's in Minneapolis. woo. hoo.

Sure, they play Mark Owen & old skool Take That tunes (when I go home I listen to classical music to de-numb my brain *L*), there's huge photos of Kate Moss everywhere and there's Kylie 'Fever' tour DVD on constant play on the TV screens, but it's just a store. A chain store at that. The grand opening was last week and there's queues that actually wrapped around the store, just to buy something!!!!!!!!!!!!! insane people. I'd just walk out and go somewhere less-crowed. Besides, the prices at Zara in Dublin are 45% more expensive than the ones in Spain. At christmastime people go mad with shopping, don't they? jesus.

In more news, Sebastian is helping me with my NYC search! Even though he's from there, he's never had to do a real 'ny search' so it's new to him as well. He's convinced that after london I'll do great in New York. yay. :) Hé, Seb le voyageur. si vous lisez ceci. Voyez-vous cet été !

I don't speak french, I just babblefish-ed it. Which means it's probably incorrect ;)

I'm (most likely) going to see Sarah in London in a month or so! That's so amazing, there are no words, really. Especially since England is our 'element'. ;)

Apparently, the UK&Ireland will be a frozen wasteland in 100 years, due to global warming. Well, all I can say least it's not in my lifetime. ;p

and tomorrow, I shall be starting to write up my own articles and reports for Amnesty!!! Ich fühle intelligent. (non babblefished-I can speak German)

That's all from my 'eventful' life. after work I'm having a drink with Heather. i need it. ciao.


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