Nov. 5th, 2003

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I just joined: [ profile] babies_on_fire , much needed glam rock community.
and added:
[ profile] maatarubi
[ profile] random_blahness
[ profile] linalinalina
who seem like cool people...:)

Once again, from the photo achieves of Ms. Fairy's 1 million dead websites:

That's Becky [ profile] miss_lixx, Terra [ profile] ladygaia, and me!!! 3 years ago in Madison, WI.
that's gum on my tongue.

I own 2 David Bowie shirts but I don't wear either of them. that should be a crime, really. I saw a photo of Iman in Vogue wearing one of the same that i own. She looks so much better in it!

I also found some photos of me being a Travis groupie which I sent only to Robin...and I almost posted the infamous me with Noel Gallagher photo, but I'm too shy about it..

Speaking of Noel, I have re-discovered my Oasis records. Once again, I realise why i was so super-obsessed with them from 1994-1998...5-9 years ago! Okay, now I feel old, but this music still speaks to a lowly teenager going through a rough time.

"Going Nowhere" is still a classic. It's so British sounding. It's got that Royal-Albert-Hall feel to it. I always think of that place and Kensington when I listen to it. It's brilliant.

I should stop updating this journal so damn much whenever I have a break.

Life is busy, hope all of you are okay (or better). While reading my friends' posts I know a few of you are going through hard times. keep in there. xxxxxx later.

ps- does anybody know where I can find the guitar tabs for Cat Power's version of "Wonderwall"?


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