Oct. 28th, 2003

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Wow, I don't go online for a few days and I get tons of emails!! I feel loved. <3

Guinness is alright, it would be better if I wasn't put on a different shift than Martin (Damon Albarn look-a-like boy) and my feet didn't get torn up, but I made a friend, Lindsay from Edinburgh, Scotland. She moved to Dublin the same time I did and I admit, half the time I can't understand her because of her accent, but we get along, she's cool.

Robin and I found each other!!! YAY! So, no worries. Honestly, I've been having a blast with her. So far we've been both the 'typical americans' and 'eurotrash wannabes', eating at Eddie Rocket's diner and watching Conan O'Brien on CNBC Europe, and shopping at vintage chic shops (if I were a boy I'd would've bought a shitload of 70's suits and mod gear yesterday,the girl's 70's clothes just don't age as well...)

We went to the Bad Ass Cafe for lunch (Sinead O'Connor used to work there), watched the Dublin marathon, I showed her Oscar Widle's old home (there's a business called "Morrissey's" right behind it. I find it hilarious. Even in the architecture world Morrissey kisses Wilde's butt). We went to the National Gallery (I bought a small print by Jack B. Yeats, brother of W.B. Yeats) and looked at interior design books while dreaming about what we want our next places to look like, and then made homemade Italian food for dinner. We created this lasagne sauce cheesy pasta thing...I don't know if Robin liked it but I did :) Then of course, off to the pub and saw some live Irish music!

All while we discovered we have the same guilty pleasures...Jack Black, the Sugababes, shopping at Claire's, & the obvious one.. Duran Duran. We have been giggling like 12 year olds most of the time, but what else do you expect? ;)

It's morning at Amnesty right now but we're meeting for lunch in the cafe downstairs and then going out again! yay! I can't believe she's leaving tomorrow and moving to Seattle on Monday! Nooo...it's cool because she'll be in her Capitol Hill scene again but still. I'll miss her.

By the way, this week's issue of the NME is hilarious. I just find their attempt to put anything Strokes on the cover or inside sad! They had a Duran Duran article and EVERY LINE they were compared to the Strokes! I like both bands but jesus christ...! Simon LeBon is NOT "the 80's Julian". please. Before you know it, Courtney Love will be the "90's female Julian" and Britney will be "pop princess Julian". *LOL* I had to lol there..;)
One more thing, I know that many people have been sued for downloading music off the interent in the States. Here in Europe everybody is still downloading like normal because nobody's been sued here....so far.
So, are any of you in the States still downloading?? I'm very curious.


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