Oct. 20th, 2003

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Saturday was an awful day for me. I've been here for a month and for a few reasons, I just was all moody and crying, etc......now I look back on it it was probably part hormones because well, it was that time of the month and such.....and it is frustrating when your friends are n/a for all different reasons and you're still adapting to a new culture and scared about certain things.

Finally around 3am, Jen helped so much. I love that girl. Considering she lived with me for a long time in London I feel like she knows me more than 99% of the people I know. She always knows exactly what to say to make me go from gloomy/depressed to content/alright in a minute flat.

Okay! Amnesty time!

Today was my first day (insert really cool vibes here) I have to say that I never had a desk where an MTV "Free Your Mind" Award was part of the decor!!! They won it at the MTV Europe Music Awards in London in 1994, according to the plaque. What's even cooler, I remember watching that when I was 14!!!!! On Thanksgiving Day..hibernating/ignoring the family, as all teenagers do. the Prodigy, Oasis, Take That (shut up!) and Jean-Paul Gaultier were all on. I knew then I wanted to work for an organisation like that, and here I am working right next to that very award.....really weird/cool!

Tomorrow I have to watch some video made by Yoko Ono called the "Imagine video" and I still get all the benefits as a full-time full-paid staff member! One of my bosses, Sara, is sooo nice! She's American! She's from Boston, did the BUNAC programme in the UK like I did, went to Trinity College for her Master's degree and fell in love, got married and is still here! Today she encouraged me to do my master's in Europe, when I'm ready. It's half the price as it would be going to grad school in the States and you can get a work permit so it all works out.


WHOA! I just got a phone call...I got an evening/weekend job at Guinness Brewery!! YAY!!!!!! and Queen's "I want to break free" just came on the radio! Now I definitely feel better :D!!!!!!!


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