Oct. 8th, 2003

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Have you ever had one of those days were one thing happens right after the other and it gets to the point where you start laughing because there's nothing else to do?
Today my events included:
-being late for my interview this morning because I couldn't find the goddamn bus stop and then when I got to the neighbourhood I couldn't find the place so I walked around in circles.. (*LOL*!!!) I still don't know Dublin at all...
-getting a blister from my high-heeled black leather boots...they look really good but they're murder!
- burning my hand on the oven while getting my chips out
- then the grand finale....I locked myself out of my bedroom because my stupid skeleton key that looks like it's from the 1800's wouldn't turn the lock!!! I tried for an entire hour sitting in the hallway, twisting around, practically grunting & panting, slamming myself against the door, trying to turn the damn thing and it wouldn't budge!

Finally, a nice guy named Lorenzo, who happens to be my landlord, came by and he spent an hour trying to open it with using a toolbox and my olive oil to grease it up...finally the door came open and there are chunks of wood on my floor now from the door opening...*LOL*!! So I now have to hoover everything up......but now the door doesn't close properly....so I can't really close my door at all...I just find this day really funny for some reason....you don't realise how you take walking into your bedroom for granted until you're locked out and you need to get your things out of it!

I needed to meet with the temp. agency again this afternoon to get directions but with the bedroom thing, i couldn't....I tried hard not to laugh, I couldn't help it anymore!

Finally this night has been a bit better. I got an email from my favourite old professor/UN person Michele Wagner (insert 'Christina is a dork' jokes here) who thinks I 'sound British' through my emails and will keep an eye out for me if any NYC contacts come in...and I'm starting a job tomorrow! I don't know what to expect for tomorrow. I'm used to being away from people at a job, not having to interact with them. oy. I'm sure I'll be fine though. A job is a job...I'm always nervous the night before. Heather and Jen think it's going to be alright, so I do too. yeah (?)

Overall though, today was much better than yesterday. Yesterday morning I was giddy/happy but after some random things happened I ended up sobbing over some things that are not worth sobbing over from an outsider's point of view. Even I need hugs sometimes....and one of my friends was there for me, you know who you are, and that helped a bunch. Sometimes I just need to let some things out. I'm way too hard on myself, it's insane.

Hey, somebody left these livejournal settings on German and I can read it! rock.

and lastly, an old photo of Terra [livejournal.com profile] ladygaia and me! Taken at Camp Snoopy...aren't we cute? I remember I was envious that Terra had really cool cameo trousers! Thank god you can't see the shirt I'm wearing. It says "PUNK" in big letters...(if you know me well that is funny *LOL*)..but underneath it said "golf punk" and I remember I got it because Nicky Wire used to play golf and I thought he was once "punk". hahah..and don't ask why there's a dodgy photoshop-made border! I think I was going to use it for something a long, long time ago..

Now I'm off to Tesco's to get some things and I'm so tired already I think I'm going to go to bed. Hope all of you are doing well. :) 'nite. xxxx


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