Oct. 7th, 2003


Oct. 7th, 2003 11:46 am
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I'm in a really good mood and I cannot tell you why... *giggles*I feel really intelligent though. *looks around and bites lip*

Lilt is my new favourite drink. It's pineapple and grapefruit soda....rawr.

My french flatmate Veronique moved back to London so now I'm on my own basically, except for 2 people who are never there. It's quite nice. Veronique left a note saying that she found me to be "very cool, intelligent and talented" and wished me luck with my singing and painting along with her email address. bless. I remember back in London my roomate Jess also did that, leaving a note next to my bed saying the same things.... Sometimes I get down on myself about my music and my art, so it means a lot when people think I'm talented and believe in me. I need to email Jess and Veronique...

Okay, I am really aol-tarded, so I'll add the lovely people who gave me their user names when they're online as well because i can't seem to add them when they're offline....if there's a way I can do that, somebody please tell me how to do that...

I spent this weekend painting and watching the "Sex and the City" marathon. I know "Sex and the City" is really shallow but I love it. Geri Halliwell's cameo was too short, in my opinion, even though she's a bad actress. I love the most recent one (over here anyway) where it ends in the gay prom. bless...

I finished the Richey painting and I'm my own worst self-critic but I think I did a pretty decent job for my first attempt of ever drawing/painting him! Half the time I look at it I'm like "wow...it looks just like him!" and the other half I'm like "Erm...it's alright I guess".

I really wish I could scan it so I could put it up on my livejournal! But does Ms. Fairy have access to a scanner in Europe? No, she does not.

I decided I'm going to keep my 2nd Madonna painting (the one that hasn't sold yet) and this new Richey painting for myself. I decided it's about time I start keeping a couple for me and me only. This sounds corny, but my artwork is part of me, and I (temporarily) don't want to sell it out like a cheap whore (because my art is cheap compared to all other original art I know of). I'm sure my next few paintings I'll be wanting to sell though. These 2 are enough to keep me satisfied. :)

Oh yeah, the painting is of Richey from the Holy Bible-era, his eyes are closed, he's wearing eyeshadow and a small crucifix, and it's in shades of gray-ish purple. lovely.

and speaking of people who run far, far away.......Liz did that!!! hahaahah...she's in Shenyang, or Beijing....or by now she must be somewhere in the middle of India or Nepal. I haven't a clue. I just got a short email from her..I can see why she "escaped" her situation...I would as well. poor darling. I can't wait to see her again, someday...we're going scuba diving in Figi in 2005! We've been planning that for a couple years now....I have no idea if fiction will become reality but it's at least a cool idea. I've always wanted to go to Figi.

I've also been using all my credit on my mobile texting Jen, who's on the islands off the northern coast of Scotland hiking, hitchiking to get around and staying in a stone cottage with no heat! I worry about her, I hope she doesn't freeze to death! I remember when I was on the islands 3 years ago and it was so gorgeous, she's so lucky. I can't wait to see her when she gets done up there and visits me here. My friends are so fuckin' cool. *arm motions I adapted from hanging around Robin too much..if you know me in person you know it*


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