Sep. 29th, 2003

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I haven't updated in a few,

Yesterday I did a painting, trying to re-duplicate my Madonna painting that I did last year (click to see here). I just tried it to see if I could do it. Like most artists, I cannot re-duplicate my just doesn', work. I got everything correct except the lips and the lips are the best part, in my opinion. As I was painting my French flatmate Veroncique was watching me (even though I didn't realise it until I looked up..hehe) and she thought the painting was really cool and that I was a "great artist". Hey, she said it, not me. ;) Now she wants me to do another Nicky one to try that....

I think I'm going to do one of Richey...hahaa...and of course I'll have glitter embedded in the paint like I did for my Nicky one (click here to see that) that I gave Caitlin [ profile] prettymouth last year as a present. That photo of the Nicky painting is awful considering it's a digital photo of a photo of the painting. It doesn't do it justice...

That reminds me, I wonder if they still have that outdoor art market in that park across the street from Oscar Wilde's birthplace!?! It was every Sunday morning 3 years ago. I remember when I went I talked to this really cool lady who did some really cool paintings. I have to check into that....

Today, after spending €11 on a taxi, had an interview with a woman who looked just like Patsy Kensit! and she had the same attitude as Patsy as well. argh. Tomorrow I have another interview next to Dublin Bay (gorgeous area) with a woman who sounds really nice on the phone, hopefully she's nicer in person that Ms. Patsy Kensit-wannabe lady.....eesh. Working in a pub is looking better at this moment, and I'd get paid the same wage anyway..

I spent the rest of the day romping around Dublin with Heather [ profile] eire2000. We went shopping, the only things I bought were a Cadbury mint&chocolate bar (yummm..even better than mint Aeros) and a stone from this Buddist/Wiccan/Occult shop that helps with transition, change and reduces stress. I found myself rubbing the stone while I was walking around the shop, so I bought it. I still want to get a Tarot deck from there when I get a job. Hopefully I can find that shop again, I was just following Heather around!

Then we finished the afternoon with some Sangria....I don't like red wine but Sangria is LOVELY!

I also found "Love, Kylie x" underwear!!! This is the line designed by Kylie Minogue. I found some really adorable orange&black knickers with a fake diamond pendent hanging from it saying "LK" that'd be really cute for Halloween! I may go back and get them.....I also defintealy want some black socks with ghosts on them for Halloween.

My parents phoned me yesterday from North Dakota. My family from Minnesota and my family from Seattle, Wash. met up together in North Dakota....*L* My great uncle is a multi- multi- millionare that discovered oil in ND and for some weird reason he still lives there! So they went to his birthday...I usually wouldn't be talking about talking to my parents but I've had some really really freaky nightmares about my parents recently, that they disown me, they never want to speak to me, it was nice to speak to them.

I think I've finally stopped being disorienated here. This past week I've been in 3 countries, Germany, UK and Eire, so it's understanable that I've been a bit out of it. I'm starting to consider my new flat "home" and I still miss London but not as much. It gets better everyday...*knock on wood*

I still miss my friends in London a lot, Jen is planning on visiting me and she wants to go see the Pogues! I really really want to go so I have to go around and look for tickets! Robin is also coming to visit!! horah! I hope I can know my way around enough to be able to show off the city to them!

Every sentence in that paragraph ended with an "!". In person, I usually don't sound that excited. *L*

On Sky News the other night they had the anti-war protest in London. I was looking for a few of you that I knew were there but I didn't see anybody I knew!

Oh yeah, Robin, I saw Simon LeBon on TV the Mobo awards. He looks really really hot! Duran Duran looks better now than they did in the 80's! How did that happen?

FYI, my current fav. song is Kill Hannah's "I wanna be a Kennedy" and my fav. TV show is the Irish sitcom "Father Ted". It's sooo funny! I never saw it before I came here!

I'm reading the Rita Hayworth biography "if this was happiness". I didn't know anything about Rita Hayworth before so it's very interesting.

lastly, I finally found guacamole here!!!! yayayay!!! You see, the UK and Ireland don't have near as much Mexican food as the States and I love to make Mexican food at finally finding guacamole is great!

that's all. xxx


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