Sep. 22nd, 2003

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I'm sitting in an internet cafe in the early morning in the rain-soaked lively area of Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland. I just got done walking around the city centre all on me own listening to Placebo's "Sleeping with Ghosts" on my discman. It's so lovely. There's some really interesting music on this cafe...this guy sounds like David Bowie circa "Heathen" album but he's not making it work. hm. Okay now here's some Nirvana coming on.... better.

Things are going pretty well so far. Heather and Colm have been big sweethearts and let me crash in their "smallest B&B in the world". It really is! Now I'm going through the feelings I had when I first got to London. the 'ohmigod I don't have a job....ohmigod I don't have anywhere to live' etc.....I still remember walking around the British Museum my 2nd day in London silently freaking out..I didn't even enjoy the Egyptian exhibit because I was so worried. Well, I conquered London quite well....I think things should work out in Dublin. Sometimes I just get so tired. I wish I could just settle down somewhere, but hey, this is an adventure, and once the tiredness from all my travelling wears off, I'll be fine.

Tonight I had dinner at Colm's parents house and they were so nice. I barely said a word and was really shy (which I rarely am anymore) Colm's family and friends took turns playing Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen on the guitar and everybody there was so talented!!!! I was impressed.

Oh yeah, I managed to find a really classy black sweater at the TopShop here today!!! It has a low cut neck so it shows off my shoulders I little bit but not too much. It looks like something Jackie O. would've worn. it's lovely.

I got the new NME with the Strokes on it and the free CD they complied. They love Duran Duran!!! dammit. I knew it. See, loving Duran Duran is going to be this new hipster trendy thing now...when it's supposed to be the "Christina and Robin are flaming dorks" thing!! Duran Duran isn't supposed to be cool to the hipsters!! *L*

I miss you, Robin. I miss London. :( ...but I know that it's only because I'm still adjusting to here. I'll be fine. I have orientation, yay. that's all for now. I'm going now to get some ice cream. yay! byebye.


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