Sep. 14th, 2003

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Most of the time, I can think of the perfect thing to write on this livejournal and as soon as I sit mind goes blank for a bit. I'm always hesitate to write on here. [ profile] oompa_radar said the same thing on her journal and I agree. I don't know why that happens. It also happens when I write in my notebook/journal.

I've spent the last two days taking day trips into Munich/München. The city is absolutely gorgoeus, and so clean compared to London. For once there isn't black soot in my nose. Then again, München is only 1.3 million, and London is 11 million. There's a difference. Becky [ profile] miss_lixx would've loved shopping there! Versace make-up, more Le Petit Prince stuff than we found in Paris, and gourmet Gummi Bears everywhere! I ended up buying toys & candy. I'm 23 going on 6. ;)

My cousins have been so nice to me. They just let me go off and do whatever I want. They have even given me their mobile phone in case I get lost or have an emergency that I can always contact them. It's very nice. Plus, the food is great and I do have to say though, even though Michael, Matthew and Sidoni are all adorable little kids, this may be the best form of birth control I've ever had, especially when Sidoni wakes up crying and I'm trying to calm her down! poor thing.

I don't know if this is because it's been a long time since I've been to the States, but the more I see of the German countryside, the more I realise why so many people here immigrated to Minnesota. The surroundings are really, really familiar. The people here look similar to what I think of as "typical Minnesotans" as well. Granted, I grew up in a town where it's almost entirely Germans so obviously I'm going to think that. I also have noticed that my hometown have gotten some things RIGHT in their little Germany festival they have every summer. Walking around the outdoor markets in München yesterday, I felt like I was home sometimes. Very odd feeling.

Those $1,000's spent on teaching me German at University have finally paid off. A lot of people in this region of Germany don't speak English, so I'm forced to use my German. I'm not complaining because my German is coming very easily to me. I don't even have to think about what words I'm saying, it's just natural to me! I've also caught myself thinking in German once in awhile. Plus, they understand me! So I know I'm speaking German correctly, which is very cool.

Before I leave I'm also going to Regensberg, one of the "best kept secrets of southern Germany". (by the way, when I first came here, I saw that castle in Parsberg..not Regensberg) and I'm also going to see Dachau. I've studied the Holocaust my entire last year of University so this should be interesting. i get to see the place I've read and seen videos about, etc...I wanted to go to Auschwitz but it's 10 hours north of here. I'm 2 hours driving from Prague, Czech Rep. but it's 6 hours by train from here! Does that make any sense?

Last night I had a dream that Lizze McGuire (I don't even know who that is..except there's some children's movie about her being a rock star in Europe) was giving an outdoor show in my hometown and covering Placebo songs....and my friends and I hated her....and I had a hit song that went "My name is Mary Jane...I love playing in the rain...listening to Blondie makes me know I'm real/My name is Mary Jane..I take drugs to ease my pain...smoking hash makes me know I'm real" and I heard it on the radio constantly thinking "that's me!" and I was indie rock cool on the underground level.....o-kay. I blame that overly-salty Bavarian pretzel I lyrics are better than that...;)

Listening to Duran Duran just isn't the same without Robin around :/ We exchanged Duran Duran albums while I'm here. hehe...I hope she's enjoying my Wedding Album. ;)

now Steph is taking me to...another village that ends with "-berg" to see another castle. *L* I get all these villages mixed up.


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