Sep. 9th, 2003

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My livejournal turns 1 year old tomorrow! Considering I'll be quite busy tomorrow, I'm going to do this post right now.

The best/worst of the past year:
10 September- My very first post
14 October- Saw the Strokes/Record Shopping with Nick Valensi (!)
15 October- My Grandpa Died (scroll down)
18 October- Nasty virus in my eye which caused it to puff up. I had to throw away all my makeup *L*
15 December- I graduated Uni with a degree in International Relations! yay
23 December- Joe Strummer died/ My mom's friend died from anorexia
30 December- I still can't find this Argentian Punk Rock mix tape...
1 January-(Un)Happy New Year's
2 January- I had a mini-crush on Frodo!
8 January- My dog of 11 years, Blossom, passed away
8 February- Got a great idea for a book! #356,098 on my things-to-accomplish list
11 February- My Random Thoughts for this day
2 March- I saw All the Pretty Horses while visiting Terra!
11 March- I made it to London!
3 April- I warned you all I'd end up obsessing on Duran Duran once again...the prelude..
17 April- Homeless hooker woman wakes me up!
12 May- I ♥ this photo of me
24 May- Dandy Warhols @ Brixton Academy/Courtney Taylor-Taylor excitement! ...just laugh at my uncoolness! so embarrassing *runs & hides*
30 June- I was in a band...for a bit. Here's proof.
29 July- I had a wonderful birthday ♥

....and the rest is recent enough there's no point in re-posting it. heh :)

Proof to me that a lot can happen in only one year, wow. I've noticed I've become less-innocent in the past 12 months while I was re-reading posts..but maybe that's just me.

bye. x


Sep. 9th, 2003 11:30 pm
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due to popular demand, (okay only [ profile] spikenheimer) more photos of me!! a fresh batch from the weekend! Plus some of my cool boho friend Robin, and the London Aquarium!

Robin & I

heyyy laaaa...loads more here )


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