Aug. 26th, 2003

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When I was 16 I bought a cheap acoustic guitar with my very first paycheck, when I worked at my hometown's daily newspaper. I was really excited to start playing...I learned a few songs on my own and finally started guitar lessons.
Not even a month into my guitar lessons I developed vasculitis, and it affected my hands in such a way I could barely play piano anymore, let alone guitar. After I year in-and-out of hospital I finally became well, but then I went off to University....and just (sadly) never was movtivated to play guitar...

2 nights ago Stephen asked me if I felt like re-learning guitar. I said I did...and within an hour I was already playing *6* chords with ease and was started on Oasis' "Cast No Shadow" and "Wonderwall"! Stephen looked up the tabs for me and then I just played along with Oasis' WTS(MG) album, on repeat. *L* I'm so excited!!!!! I'm polishing those two Oasis songs off already. :)

I want to learn Cat Power's version of Wonderwall because it seems easier and I like that version just as much. :)

This morning I can see thin, milky white calluses developing on the tops of my left hand (I play right=handed even though I'm a's just less complicated to learn) and I've been playing constantly..the only thing stopping me is the pain from my fingers! I couldn't even type long emails to people yesterday because of it. *L* but in a week or so it'll be alright! I can't wait to get home to pick up the guitar again....:D

Other than that, I was really ill last night and threw up twice and I still don't know why....I took some prescription pain killers and then I was alright.....and I get to see my family soon!!! in Germany :) I have to look up what there's to do in Munich....according to Doris (I still can't believe she was friends with Primo Levi!!! she finds my awe amusing *LOL*) I'll love Munich, it's a beautiful city and I'll be able to find enough things to do and use my German :) yay.

I re-discovered Garbage's 'beautifulgarbage' yesterday. I can relate to a lot of lyrics right now. they're beautiful when you read along with the music.

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